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deanmass 09-10-2001 02:09 PM

Re: New Hondas all over the web! has an list of online translators, not 100 percent, but they get you close...

HyperBusa 09-10-2001 02:17 PM

VFR = exciting...kind of.
I'm both excited and saddened by the new VFR. Excited in that it looks uber cool, saddened in that it didn't get the 1000cc treatment we all wished for. Here are my plus and minues:


-No gear driven cams anymore, back to chain. Cheap, but less reliable...although they are oil fed tensioners (dual), so that it good.

-No 1000cc displacement. Engine size went up 1cc to 782cc.

-Power = 80 kW = 107.3 bhp, equals low 90 rwhp. Pretty much unchanged.

-Weight unchanged.

-Longer wheelbase.



-VTEC, increase torque across the entire range by about 10% with a peak of 80 Nm = 59 ft-lbs

-Better fuel mileage

-Much cleaner emissions

-ABS optional

-Hard bag optional

-Heated grips optional (?)

-Alarm optional (?)

-0.3 gallon increase in fuel

-Longer wheelbase.


-Styling. Whether we like it or not, angular is definately in. IMO, this VFR looks better than the previous models.

I test rode a Futura a while ago and wasn't impressed...holding out for the new VFR. I'm going to have to wait until spring to make a decision. My wife likes the new VFR as it's has less tendency to wheelie like the Busa. LOL!

HyperBusa 09-10-2001 02:28 PM

LOL! What a f'ed up translation
Internet translators are practically useless.

HyperBusa 09-10-2001 03:15 PM

Re: New Hondas all over the web!
Excellent post! I'm a design engineer and you're right...we ARE NOT miracle workers. Everything is a game of tradeoffs in design. You can't have everything, and I think the VFR has proven that it's the best all around package in sportbikes today...and I'm sure the 2002 is as well.

Figure out what type of rider you are, and buy that bike. Don't slam a Katana for not being the next Gixxer 1000, R1, or 929RR! Every bike is built for its purpose in life.

Shaft 09-10-2001 03:31 PM

Re: Not quite...
You are wrong about weight making it more stable at autobahn (notice spelling) speeds. Aerodynamics and suspension can more than make up for weight... Honda f%$#ed up in that department. Everyone I've heard talk about the anticipated new VFR has commented on the weight. Honda DID drop the ball. My money is going elsewhere.

Shaft 09-10-2001 03:35 PM

Re: New Hondas all over the web!
You hit it on the head, blademan. What a bunch of idiots. All the anticipation for THIS? Why not knock us on our asses instead of footin around? I'm a hondaholic but my mind is starting to wander...........

Jaime 09-10-2001 03:44 PM

Re: New Hondas all over the web!
YES! They're saying Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki molto (very) scared! Honda will kick everybody's ass in 2002. Of course, this takes 25 pages in Italian when translated.

HyperBusa 09-10-2001 03:52 PM

Re: New Hondas all over the web!
WTF? The 900 Hornet only has 108.6 bhp. Pretty pathetic considering it's a FI 919cc based on the RR engine. Rumor was that it would have 120 rwhp!

If this comes to the US in the detuned state, the FZ and ZRex have nothing to worry about.

RRocket 09-10-2001 04:29 PM

Re: Not quite...

What a ridiculous statement you made about the weight. My 2000 ZX9R (403 dry) is rock solid at triple digit speeds on up or two up. Are you trying to tell me that any bike that is light isn't stable? So I guess that would mean that all sportbikes made in the last 5 or so years must be unstable...right? And as far as the horsepower goes, yes, I know what the VTEC does. It will allow for a much broader torque curve, while being able to maintain peak HP without sacrifice. But again, my question is, why didn't Honda give it more jam?? Surely they could have pumped a few more ponies and some more torque out of this "state of the art" engine. I think the dropped the ball. The could have built a "world beater" sport touring bike. Instead, they've made a very competent bike, but nothing that appears to be head and shoulders above the rest..

starvingstudent 09-10-2001 04:42 PM

Re: New Hondas all over the web!
Do the words "low end grunt" mean ANYTHING to you? That's what "detuned"--or rather "retuned"--engines have over track bike engines. I'd rather have 5 extra hp where I use it regularly than 10 extra hp above 10,000rpm.

The Hornet is the smallest displacement of any Japanese muscle standard, and also the by far the lightest, so 110 hp is nothing to sneeze at. All of the modern muscle standards have their niche. The Bandit is cheapest; the ZRX is most grunty; the FZ1 is most powerful at high rpm; and the Hornet will be the most agile.

Besides, the Hornet's a hell of a lot prettier than either the ZRX or FZ1.

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