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Dryfly 07-10-2001 04:07 PM

Re: Honda Reveals NAS
Check out the new Harley!?

Very interesting!?

spindizzy 07-10-2001 04:45 PM

Re: NAS=Never At Showrooms
Sachs are building the Beast - just sorting out the engines at the moment.

JoeBlade 07-10-2001 05:07 PM

Re: Honda Reveals NAS
It may look like a derivative of a duc, but I think it looks better than the 996 replacement spy photos i've seen. If Ducati replaces the 916 with something like this, I would be very interested, as it is I haven't been impressed with the new duc.

The new duc pictures I've seen just don't have the "mechanical look" I like in a bike. I fell in love with the 916 8 years ago, but it's styling [b] is starting to look old.

With proper power, 120 or up at the rear wheel, I could be very interested in this bike

whophlungpoo 07-10-2001 05:56 PM

Re: Honda Reveals NAS
I have but only one word to say about this: YESSSSSSSSS!

Interception 07-10-2001 06:30 PM

Re: Honda Reveals NAS
Saw it. Power cruisers are no longer a trend, now they are a movement. I wonder when the performance trend in the cruiser market will trickle down to the smaller bikes?

Monkeygym 07-10-2001 06:41 PM

Re: Honda Reveals NAS
I have a motorcycle from 1993 that has the same suspension, which makes me think that it's not exactly revolutionary. It is a Gilera Cx-125, not the prettiest thing in the world, but aerodynamic, and odd. For sale, incidentally, with only 72 Km on it.

The Honda is a neat execution, however, and Honda's reliability as well as fit and finish are pretty much the best, IMHO. I'd buy one.

granny 07-10-2001 08:33 PM

Ducatis have no soul after all
I don't like to indulge in brand bashing - I like anything with two wheels but I do feel compelled to state that Ducati's design goals are different than those of Honda, Suzuki, etc.. It's not reasonable to expect these bikes to be implemented in the same way (diversity and choice is good).

I've enjoyed all the bikes that I've owned but none quite so much as my 916. And

while my 916 is kept in a garage, it's scarcely a garage queen, it's my defacto primary form of transportation, I ride it to work during the week and ride it for play

on the weekends. I rarely put less than 200 miles per week on it and it's not unusual for me to go on 6 to 8 hour rides.

Even when I flog it (which is usually), I get 45 miles per gallon (unlike certain other V-twins). While Ducati's aren't inexpensive, most cars are more expensive than most Ducati's.

I disagree that Ducati's have "soul" or "character" - they're just machines and machines do not have soul, riders have soul. The 916 90 degree V-twin is not quite as smooth as some inline fours, the valve lash must be checked slightly more frequently and replacing the belts is an annoyance but most motorbikes require more maintence than most cars.

It's true that a 916 requires slightly more muscle to flick in tight chicanes than say a Suzuki DRZ400 but if at 140 pounds body weight, I can flick a 916, anyone can. Moreover, if a fifty year old dog like me can comfortably ride a 916 for eight hours at a time, then any of you young puppies ought to be able to as well. If not then either your riding posture is lacking and/or you need to improve your muscle tone and flexibility.

But as I first stated, I've not come to critcize any bike, in particular I like this new Honda and if it goes into production, I'll consider one but in this market the bar is always being raised and by the time the bike is actually available - who knows what else will be? I'd like to see a Suzuki interpretation of the NAS concept...

badsac 07-10-2001 09:02 PM

Could you direct me to those spy pics? (NT)

ZebProctor 07-10-2001 09:02 PM

Re: Honda Reveals NAS
How much you asking, US Dollars.....

badsac 07-10-2001 09:09 PM

That's the muffler!!!???
I didn't even realize until you pointed it out. I thought it was just the belly-pan for a start.

Actually, I like it. I don't think having a standard muffler sticking out the side would look any good. They can't have it under the seat since that's where the radiator is. If they put the pipes in there as well, it would make the back too heavy.

Nah, I think they've done a good job with it.

Overall, I think the bike is awesome. I'd much rather spend some money on it than some of the other overpriced POS that have been released in the past.

Shame they'll never make it. :(

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