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spkrplus 12-23-2001 06:33 PM

Re: Post agrees BMW is a sportbike

I find your spelling abilities similar to your logic: "Maybe your an idiot". May I humbly suggest you look up the contraction for "you are"? Hint: it's not "your". Also, try this ephemism: "Instead of raising your voice, try sharpening your argument". I simply challenged posters for a definition of sportbike. I said I could reply with one or more BMW's which would be consistent with the definition unless the definition specifically excluded the marquee. As you have not met my challenge, you lost the argument. Your response is name calling & "straw man" replies. Another challenge you will loose: quote my "flame". As a matter of fact your name calling is the very definition of a "flame", & clearly a willful rule vioalation. I suppose this is no surprise, as being a rule violator is likely a firmly entrenched pattern of behavior for you by now. Finally, your DuHamel swipe is clearly unwarranted & inconsitent with my previous posts: I was the one who mentioned Reg Pridmore, one of DuHamel Sr.'s contemporaries.

spkrplus 12-23-2001 06:45 PM

Re: Post agrees BMW is a sportbike
BTW, What is a *Japenese* sportbike? Here is my point in a nutshell: list your actual exact specific definition of sportbike. Notice I did not post *racebike*, but the word is *sportbike*. If I can not find at least one BMW consistent with your defintion, I will list one or more bikes which your definition excludes which most enthusiasts would agree are sportbikes. In other words your definition will be illogical. BTW, this is only for fun, maybe if you lightened up on the caffeine you might enjoy it too.

spkrplus 12-23-2001 06:59 PM

Re: sv650 sounds better than a ducati?!?!
The defintion for euphemisim is *the substitution of a mild or pleasant expression for one offensive or unpleasant*. I posit the phrase *been there, done that* is a euphemism for *I know more than you*. BTW, my choice of the of the word *euphemism* was euphemistic in & of itself. In case it is not yet clear, it is accurate to say the phrase *been there done that* is so overused, so unoriginal as to have virtually no merit whatsover. Certainly used only by the most impatient writers with the narrowest capacities for self-expression, & dare I say, limited skills of logic...kind of a billboard or graffiti type of grammatical technique.

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