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tal4321 04-10-2001 01:19 AM

for the lincoln guy, it's not amadetto gazai-mus, it's arigato gozaimass...

honda got a lot of 4 strokes wins... probably more than the other companies in the gp would ever get, and besides, their two strokers are the best there are , the only reason they didn't get last years title was because that roberts talent was enough to evercome a bad motorcycle, but this year , u'll see the 7th championship, that was supposed to come last year, but unfortunattely, they didn't have the rider for it...

so really, if you think they don't make good four strokers, just check out the cbr600, the cbr900, and ofcourse, their f-1 cars...

Janet 04-10-2001 02:23 AM

Re: Honda Press Release on 500th GP Victory
I am genuinely disappointed that Biaggi's behaviour appears to have gone unpunished. It isn't sportsmanlike and it isn't safe.

After that incident I'm just glad that Rossi managed to find enough space to risk having another go at getting past him.

BBD_Racing 04-10-2001 02:48 AM

Tal, you forgot Honda's Indy cars. More four strokes. Oh, yeah, and then there's that little matter of the RC30, 45 and 51.

In a coupla months, we'll see a 4 stroke motocrosser (albeit much later than Yamaha).

Honda has always won with four strokes, but for a time that was impossible in GP, so they went with 2 strokes.

tal4321 04-10-2001 03:10 AM

in any aspect you look at it, it doesn't really matter 500 wins is more than anybody else, and honda wasn't always the richest company in the world, but still, they were competative...


waz goin' on with the open class shoot out, that was supposed to be on two days ago? we all know the suzuki is gonna win, but still, it's some action on this site...

bigjames 04-10-2001 05:58 AM

Re: Honda Press Release on 500th GP Victory
In all fairness to Speedvision, they are stuck with video feeds from the local network covering WSB races. So, they get the pics that the producers of the home network wants to air. Really sucks if they are really nationalistic and zero in on home country riders and ignore the leaders, etc...

Only at Laguna Seca are they in charge of the video.

Eric 04-10-2001 06:58 AM

hate to be off-topic, but...
I normally defend MO, and am appreciative that my questions are often answered. I even donated due to some good advice from Brent on helmet selection. However, it is getting a little old being told that an article will be posted the next day and to not have that article appear for several days. I wouldn't mind that the open-class shootout hasn't been posted if we had not been told that it would be.

GTS_Rider 04-10-2001 08:02 AM

Re: hate to be off-topic, but...
MO just doesn't seem appreciate that "sh!t happens". You guys just shouldn't open your big mouths about a next day post. You know damn well that when you do something will happen to postpone it. I guess it's really no big deal've already lost all credibility. Nobody REALLY expected you to do what you say.

Lincoln 04-10-2001 08:48 AM

re-read my post
you'll see i said "in the last 30 years"

Lincoln 04-10-2001 09:10 AM

"sadly, you can kiss my asss dixman"
um, if you bothered to read my post, jerk, you'd see i said in the last 30 years. honda has no 4stroke history IN THE LAST 30 YEARS. i have a life, beleive me. one of my passions is motorcycles, and it seems there is a huge amount of disinformation out there concerning grand prix. we are talking grand prix right? 4 strokes have done nothing for grand prix in the last 30 years. nothing. except maybe make a laughing stock out of honda with the nr-500

Lincoln 04-10-2001 09:12 AM

WRONG !amadetto gaizai-mu means congratulations,
if i meant to say "thankyou" in japanese i would have

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