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8inchover 03-26-2001 01:42 AM

Re: Honda Receives Awards
Well if it wasn't for gsx-r's we'd still be riding cb-750's

CarsSuck 03-26-2001 12:20 PM

Uh, yeah...
was that a response to mine? I wasn't arguing with you. I was saying that a concours isn't even a sport tourer, and the GL won't even keep up with that.

CBR1000F 03-26-2001 02:32 PM

Re: Uh, yeah...
No, not to yours, CArsSuck (and YES, cars do suck), but I have to disagree with you about the Concours not being a sport-tourer... It IS a sport-tourer, just a very old design, and not all that competitive these days, though in a review I saw it in recently, two of the four testers said they'd buy IT over the others (ST1100, R1100RS, Sprint ST) if it was THEIR money they were spending. Don't forget that the engine of the Concours was based on the old ZX-10, which was very capable for the 80's.

CBR1000F 03-26-2001 02:34 PM

Re: Honda Receives Awards
And if it wasn't for Honda's "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" ad campaign, there would probably be about 80% fewer bikes on the road at all.

CarsSuck 03-26-2001 03:12 PM

I'd buy one myself
I like it, but it has a very high windshield and almost upright ergos. If we call the ZR-7 or the ZRX standards, than to me the concours is a plain touring bike, and I don't think that's a bad thing. Granted it is borderline, it's definitely somewhat sporty, I think it's a matter of perspective--which I guess is what I'm getting at--the idea that a wing is just a plain touring bike, like you need all that stuff to tour. I would say a concours is a plain touring bike that's sporty, a Guzzi with bags and a windshied would truly be a plain touring bike, any full on bagger (anything that comes with a radio for sure, much less a reverse) is a luxury touring bike, and a K1200, ST2/ST4, Sprint ST, or VFR with hard bags--these are sport tourers. Ok that's my bid for classification if someone's making a dictionary--use it or don't I guess.

smokey422 03-27-2001 12:06 AM

Re: Honda Receives Awards
i agree with you totally, i remember when cycle world gave cruiser of the year to the polaris victory before anyone had even ridden one. sounds to me like it was the rider magazine honda ass-sucking awards(did anyone else notice how many big ads honda runs in rider?)>

LimeSqueezr 03-27-2001 04:48 AM

Re: Honda Receives Awards
I think "Motorcycle of the Year" is a bit of a stretch for the GL1800. Now, if say Motor Trend or Car & Driver had a "2-Wheeled Luxury Car" category then I might be inclined to vote for it myself.

CBR1000F 03-27-2001 08:13 AM

Re: I
I suppose in a way you're right... My dad's Concours does have nearly upright ergos, and a very tall windscreen, but I have to disagree with you on whether or not that makes a sport-touring bike. My CBR1000F has nearly upright ergos (not quite as upright as the Concours) and an aftermarket tall-ish windscreen, but bone stock (and in good condition) does a 10.88 1/4 mile, tops out at just under 170 Mph and handles decently well, excess weight notwithstanding. I've outfitted it with a Givi Wingrack (three bag setup) and a Maxia E50 topcase... and in MY eyes, it's a sport-tourer. I personally think that the category "sport-tourer" is a rather broad one, with bikes like the Ducati ST2/4, etc., at one end, the VFR somewhere in the middle, and the Concours at the other end. Am I making sense?

CarsSuck 03-27-2001 10:17 AM

Re: I
yup, it's just perspective

CarsSuck 03-28-2001 09:37 AM

and if it wasn't for
Ron Popiel, no one would have spray on hair

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