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CB1er 03-23-2001 02:50 PM

Re: Honda Receives Awards
Hey CBR,

What info are you using to compare the Concours with the new GL? Have you rode both bikes?

CBR1000F 03-23-2001 07:01 PM

Re: Honda Receives Awards
Check the numbers: The Leadwing weighs 200 Lbs. MORE than the Concours, makes 19 more Hp, has about twice the frontal area, a much higher drag coefficient, AND less ground clearance.

CarsSuck 03-23-2001 07:36 PM

I'd drop the "sport" from the concours
as I consider that a plain touring bike, the riding position is almost bolt upright, this is not a sport anything, but just a good modern touring bike in my opinion (and a good one I think). The GL on the other hand, needs the word "luxury" added. It is not a touring bike, it's a luxury touring bike. Or perhaps the word "geriatric". I think the concours is called a sport tourer because it doesn't look big and traditional enough. The old guys thinks it looks like one of those new fangled dad burned whatevers, which seems to be what they're saying about the new GL, so maybe that's your explanation.

TCAir 03-24-2001 01:31 PM

Power is more than just Ponies
With torque numbers that imbarass a modern small sedan motor.

How does the old explanation go...

"Horsepower sells vehicles, Torque wins races.."

Do not underestimate the new wing. The 1500 was a power house on it's own. Move the rev limiter up 500 rpm and re-jet the two barrel carb and this behemouth goes from being a 1/2 ton Luxury tourer to a 2nd gear-front wheel in the air- automatic seat cussion to rectum installer.

I am not saying it is a full fledge sport tourer (CBRs of 1000+ c.c's) or a bus (Suzuki Cavalcade etc) but I am sure that it will run with the Kawasaki Concours I rode, and then some.

gerrygrande 03-25-2001 06:39 AM

Re: Honda Receives Awards
They should suck up a bit and let us consumers decide which machines deserve the rights to a award. Get my point!

Grappelli 03-25-2001 07:44 AM

Re: Honda Receives Awards
yes, well, this award *IS* just a marketing exercise, isn't it..

ironmike 03-25-2001 08:20 AM

Some "unofficial" numbers...
...quarter mile (best of five runs) 12.60 @ 122.402

top speed (indicated) 142-144 mph @ 6,200 rpm (approx...tach was a little hard to read, apparently hit rev limiter). Approx two mile flat straight, brushed concrete... Paced by '99 CBR100XX at approx same (indicated) speed (140-145 mph).

[Very surprised Blackbird pilot...]

Unaltered GL1800, non-abs, no CB/CD, empty bags/trunk, rider weight approx 165#. tires @ 40/42 psi for speed run.

Weather; clear, cool (63*F), humidity 40%, winds negligible.

caderider 03-25-2001 04:55 PM

Re: Power is more than just Ponies
Hey -

Some of us LIKE to ride the bus! :)


CBR1000F 03-25-2001 04:58 PM

Re: I
Torque wins races... Which accounts for all the races Harley's been winning, right? Oh wait a minute. They don't win races. Also... I seem to recall that the Concours does the 1/4 mile in low 12's, not mid to high 12's, and it STILL mid-eighties design, and I STILL maintain that the LeadWing COULD NOT compete with more modern sport-tourers, as I said in my first post. As I said, it wouldn't keep up with a Concours, let alone any of the newer/faster/better handling/braking sport tourers. I never said that it wasn't a good motorcycle, just that saying it doesn't have sport-touring performance, as that silly-assed award said. That's all.

Haga 03-25-2001 08:08 PM

Re: Honda Receives Awards
How bought off does this awards thing sound? Speaking of which, how credible is Cycle World when they're running a mag of just GSXR's this month???

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