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Sketch 02-21-2001 01:16 PM

Re: Another Mission: Honda VTX 1800
Did anything change from the prototype (Honda called it a prototype) to the production version?

Any plans for aftermarket addons, kits, etc? (Ex. Yamaha hit the spot with the Road Star as far as delivering a customization platform.)

Quarter mile time?

When are they going to redesign those bulky radiators? Think out of the box you Honda engineers. There must be all kinds of ways to hide a radiator or at least make it more stealthy.

Does it still have the big chromed log exhaust pipe?

How many colors will it be available in? Black and blue?

IMHO their engines have the aesthetic appeal of an air compressor. Honda just misses the boat when it comes to cruisers. Their engineering is great but their attention to detail and style just doesn't cut it. That is a lot of what a cruiser is IMHO.


jeepers 02-21-2001 02:48 PM

Re: Another Mission: Honda VTX 1800
does it make a real "potato - potato" sound?

hondabill 02-21-2001 03:15 PM

Re: Another Mission: Honda VTX 1800
The rumor that I hear is that the Valkyrie will soon be history. The VTX is it's replacement. The new Gold Wing platform does not lend itself to a cruiser style. And, of course, the Valkyrie engine is not being put into Gold Wings anymore. Honda also is rumored to have more models based on the new VTX engine.

RRocket 02-21-2001 03:24 PM

Re: You need a Guzzi
I you need a cruiser that handles the curves AND LOOKS GOOD, the Guzzi is NOT for you...

schillhog 02-21-2001 05:05 PM

Re: Another Mission: Honda VTX 1800
I've heard that too, and hope it's not true. That would be such a mistake, since Honda scored big points with the cruiser crowd with the Valkyrie: a big, bold, performing, NON-Harley clone.

I, too, drool at the idea that the VTX promises, and want one of my Honda buddies to buy one so I can tromp on it.

AFTER he rides my Road King, of course.

I like seeing the big dogs fighting out there for cruiser spotlight. Yeah, HD will always be coolest IMHO, but they have always been best when the flame is on their butt, from Indian (once-upon-a-time), to Honda et. al. now.

LimeSqueezr 02-22-2001 01:43 AM

Just looking at it should tell you the answer to that...
it will be functional and functioning *as* a cruiser, like all the rest of 'em. Check the pics: wheelbase, geometry, clearance etc. Nuff said. IF you like what big-twin Harleys and/or blatent shameless imitators have to offer *but* you insist on being able to go around curves at a pace more than just "brisk" then you'll still have to own two bikes. I think the VTX is one of the nicer bikes to come along in its genre (i.e. blatent shameless HD ripoffs) but don't dump that beemer too quick!

LimeSqueezr 02-22-2001 03:30 AM

IF the rider eats enough sweet potatoes, yes. n/t

hoyt 02-22-2001 07:10 AM

Re: You mean a BMW
Sounds like you want a cruiser that's won a couple of design awards. Laid back but handles well and looks like nothing else. You want an R1200C, my friend

Sketch 02-22-2001 10:44 PM

Probably more of a 'tomato tomato' sound.

ironmike 02-22-2001 11:36 PM

According to the buzzzz...
...not much different from the displayed prototype; minimal accessories for the moment; estimated low 13s, maybe high to mid 12s/quarter (remember it is only about 130+ # lighter than the GL1800, at maybe 100/100 rear wheel hp/tq - and that may be slightly optimistic... Hopefully, MO will have some real world numbers for us); no known planned re-design for the radiator system; chrome is home on the exhaust collector; and the offered color selection will be very spare for the first production run, but sources claim that at least red and yellow are mid-summer potentials... all data unconfirmed and subject to plausible deniability...

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