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Default Re: Honda's '06 Road Race Team Line-ups.

Give me the keys... Give me the keys...

I'll Drive...
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Default Re: Won't matter. Honda, Yamaha will win in the end.

Shouldn't your account be expired by now, kpaul?

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Default Re: The Buell is legal. GET OVER IT.

A Buell with 150-ish horsepower vs an inline 4 with 150 ish horsepower. WHATS THE PROBLEM?

Honda and Yamaha have teams that have been together for YEARS and have raced the AMA tracks MANY times, with WORLD CLASS riders. And they're throwing a HISSY FIT over upstart Buell.

The FX rules were already in place, Buell took advantage of them.

THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT. Maybe that was true in the 50's. Yes their is: Multi Cylinder, Multi Valve, DOHC, High RPM, turbo, supercharger, etc, etc.

The Daytona Track favors I4's. The Buell may have the advantage on the short, tighter tracks. Buell should do better after a few races after the teams get a little experience.

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Default Re: Excellent Post

I hope they do find a way. Thanks for the info!
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