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Chip226 02-07-2001 12:54 PM

Re: CBR929 Clutch Baskets
I can dig it!

richardr6 02-07-2001 01:45 PM

Re: CBR929 Clutch Baskets
Believe me Honda could "deny" having these clutch problems very easy. You guys just think, when you are at your redline and you drop the clutch, it never crosses your mind that something might break? When you take your 4-wheel off a 70 foot clift and the frontend breaks, do you think recall? I don't. Some of these "recalls" are not recalls at all, some people are abusing these bikes. I have owned some "used" dirtbikes and streetbikes, some look like a butcher has gotten a hold of the bike. I had a kawasaki dirtbike and I tore into the engine to fix it and it had washers on the cam brackets!

Shaft 02-07-2001 02:40 PM

I will never pay... what a joke!

starvingstudent 02-07-2001 05:50 PM

That ain't nothing!
The clutch basket on my 929 blew up, causing a large chunk of metal to impact my groin with such force that my testicles were blown through my abdomen and knocked my kidneys out onto the street! My small intestine then unravelled through the holes in my side, became jammed in the rear wheel, causing it to lock up, and the resulting skid sent me off a cliff. I survived the hundred-foot fall by landing on my innards (they make quite a soft pillow), though I shattered both my legs and had to crawl back to civilization with my intestines dragging behind me. Thank God for modern surgical techniques! They never found my testicles, though.

Starving Student

Shaft 02-07-2001 06:21 PM

The Communist ways of MO
It looks like MO has taken some posts/replies out of this section that weren't in happy favor with its points of view. I guess freedom of speech doesn't apply to MO. Or are you just acting like babies since everyone is pissed off that you didn't do what you said you would with the 600 shootout? Loser bastards.

IceWorm 02-08-2001 01:42 AM

Re: CBR929 Clutch Baskets
Cut you penis into 32.5 pieces. That was the good news. The bad news is that each piece was only 1/32 inch long.

Ice Worm

MoMo 02-08-2001 01:57 AM


IceWorm 02-08-2001 02:06 AM

Re: CBR929 Clutch Baskets
All bikes are built to perform reliably when they are used in a way that fits the style of bike. Some do this better than others. Sport bikes are built to withstand a certain degree of abuse. Go beyond that limit and they break. Clearly Honda feels like the clutch basket should maintain it's integrety under multiple hard launches. Give them credit for that. Many people buy Hondas because of this kind of corporate responsibility including myself. You see this degree of attention to detail in the manufacturing process all the way through to how Honda treats it's customers after the sale. Honda sets the standard for others to follow if they dare!

tl1s 02-08-2001 02:14 AM

Re: CBR929 Clutch Baskets
I wish Suzuki would get on the Honda Customer satifaction band

wagon. I have a 1997 Tl1000s that lost its clutch at 6000 miles

and all I got was a bill for 150.00 to have it replaced. Suzuki

totally denied that this is a problem on early tls's. I really

enjoy my tls, but because of customer service issues I will

probally not buy another Suzuki. Their lose Honda's gain.

doohan 02-08-2001 03:34 AM

Re: CBR929 Clutch Baskets
Bravo Bravo well said. Honda has been and is by far the leader in this industry as far as fit and finish.

I also feel they are truely concerned about end user

and they have a certain amount of corporate pride

invested in being honest to the buying public. This and many other reasons is while I will always have hondas products on my short list.

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