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doohan 02-08-2001 03:46 AM

Re: Harley ain
Do you really want to know the problem with Harley?? They are nice enough machines but where do they get off charging those prices for bikes that are so technologically challenged?? Yeah Yeah I know market demand. For all the quarters they have spent in the black you would think they would have made vast vast improvments to their line. Nope...not a chance. They were more worried about paying out huge lawyer and court costs to try and patent the sound of an exhaust. Then they spoon feed you all this hoopla about being American made and American pride all the while using some foreign parts and selling lines of clothing all made in the far east...practice what you preach I always thought. None of this a personal attack on you...just the truth about Harley. Safe riding!

stevegrab 02-08-2001 04:30 AM

Re: The Communist ways of MO
Hmm, missing posts. I once thought there was a problem because I would see threads, and then clicked on them but they wouldn't show any thing.

I've seen a few posts about them removing comments, which I find very alarming. Rating them, censoring them (for profanity), is fine. But completely removing them because they (MO) doesn't agree with them, is wrong.

Check out the comments for this story. When I was writing this, it said 21 comments (underneath the actual story), but I only counted 19. On the AHRMA 2001 Schedule story it says 9 comments, but I only count 5.

This was with my threshold set to "-1". At first I thought I just wasn't viewing them all, so I changed my threshold to "-1", but there were still missing comments.

MO if you're going to remove the comments, cover your tracks and update the counter so it isn't so apparent.

das 02-08-2001 04:41 AM

Re: CBR929 Clutch Baskets
I agree that Honda is one of the best for this kind of stuff, but I think that much of the user perception of post-sale treatment is largely controlled by the dealer. It's only with big stuff like recalls that you see the manufacturer's opinion shine through.

das 02-08-2001 04:42 AM

Re: Wow

BBD_Racing 02-08-2001 04:48 AM

Re: CBR929 Clutch Baskets
How did Honda even know? 5 bikes isn't an epidemic. The fact that their feedback mechanism is that sensitive is an impressive industrial feat in and of itself.

Arigato Soichiro.

elitegroup 02-08-2001 05:04 AM

Re: CBR929 Clutch Baskets
Gotta love all the honda owners sucking the life out of this one! I had no problem going to the YAMAHA dealer for FREE front brake pads, Side Stand bolts or them pesky radiator hose clamps they recalled. I love all the comments on how honda leads in the industry, but compared to Who? I have had not 1 problem with my R-1 and I'm sure theres a few 100,000 people with 900RR's that havn't had problems either. The problem is the abuse given to these machines for which these recalls are based on. I think it's great that honda is going the extra mile to solve this potential problem, but thats no reason for all these other whiners to post comments on kawasaki or suzuki not conforming. Well like usual we have a titled subject that has brought all the roaches out of the cracks complaining about completely unrelated problems. Hail to honda not for being superior, but for fixing a potential hazard promptly.

CYCLE_MONKEY 02-08-2001 06:00 AM

Re: CBR929 Clutch Baskets
Actually, in a class action, HONDA would be the defendant, with the owners being the PLAINTIFFS. Could very well happen, especially if the basket frags the case and lubes up the rear tire.....

bugsplatter 02-08-2001 08:52 AM

Re: CBR929 Clutch Baskets
5 reported incedent s of complete outer basket failure, thousand of clutch problems that don't include complete failure as described. Hondas crappy clutch on the 929 is old news.

bugsplatter 02-08-2001 08:57 AM

Re: CBR929 Clutch Baskets
I aggree with this one. Honda owners sucking the life out of this one. All of the major manufacturers do the same stuff. Its called a recall.....

hamatsu 02-08-2001 09:02 AM

Re: Replacement doesn't mean recall ?
What I want to know is where are all the slack-jawed nipple chewers that have honked on Suzuki about recalls now ? I had a thread going with some bozo a couple of weeks ago about how he loved his CBR and had no problems with it and Suzuki couldn't say the same about any of their bikes... What I said to him was that when you push the performance technology of bikes you can have some problems. He didn't even know about any recalls that were done on Yamaha's R1 and now we have a Honda with it's second recall. Pushing the envelope ? I think so !

All of the big four Japanese makers want to get the bikes right especially in America. Lawsuits can cost them big money over here and that's one of the reasons they recall parts. Even Ducati has had recalls on the 996/748 models, so no one is immune to this. Free replacement should be a given since most of the bikes that were recalled would still be under warranty. It's nice to see some humor about losing body parts though due to this. And to think all I got was gas burns on my nuts from the tank recall on my TL. :-P

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