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Default Re: here ya go skippy

I used to race 250 2-strokes as well, even had one with a motor putting out 50hp on the dyno. Then I rode a YZ400 and cancelled the 250 order. Now I ride a YZ426 and you have obviously never ridden one. Now that Honda is going to quit making 2 strokes(getting their asses kicked by Yamaha probably contributed) you may as well realize that you will just have to ride a faster 4 stroke than the 2 strokes you have been riding. But you will realize the error of your ways!

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Default Re: The Honda Way!!!!!

For the record: The hp/liter of the S2000 is 120 (240hp and 2.0liters), and I believe that is THE highest specific output of any current production car, naturally aspirated or otherwise. The new 911 Turbo makes 115/ltr to take second place. As far as piston speed goes, it was the highest until the new M3 was released this year.

Personally, I love driving DOHC VTEC-powered cars. Maybe when I retire from motorcycle racing I will be able to afford a slightly used S2000 . . .

That being said, the thread was about motorcycles, and I think Honda has proven to be very conservative when it comes to the power of their production motorcycle engines. Just look at the current 929 . . . The new GSXR1000 has been measured to have as much as 152hp at the wheel, while the 929 makes about, what, 125? I think Honda Motorcycle has resigned themselves to selling very excellent all-around motorcycles and let everyone else fight it out over spec sheets and race credibility bragging rights.

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Default Dear "God

thankyou for setting us straight, sswipe. i'm glad you've decided to think for us all, instead of letting us think for ourselves and blowing it. did you ever sit back in your leather easy chair sipping your martini, and wonder why 2strokes were forced on the entire dirtbike world? it was because we were all too stupid to know any better, right? the manufacturers deep down inside actually hate us, and wanted to make sure we got what we deserved, which was an inferiror dirtbike, right? ok, now that i've schooled your ss, tell me how many 250 class winners are riding 4strokes.

Anxiously awaiting your reply


Too Stupid to know the difference
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