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rmdower 06-29-2005 04:07 PM

Re: Honda Hawk?
Tee hee

rmdower 06-29-2005 04:08 PM

Re: Honda Hawk?
As Michael Kelso would say, "Burn!!!"

xlr8r 06-30-2005 12:14 AM

Re: Honda Hawk?
For what it's worth, the motorcycle couriers in central London, who do gazillions of miles in the worst conditions imaginable, all use either Hawks or BMW R1100Rs - and all with six-figure mileages on the odometers. SV650s just don't seem to last the distance...

SRMark 06-30-2005 04:37 AM

Re: Honda Hawk?
Get the Hawk. If you don't like it, give up on motorcycles all together, 'cause you ain't got no soul.

Mooner 06-30-2005 10:02 AM

Re: Honda Hawk?
Yep, them Hawks are great bikes for nerdy little girls...

(running for cover)

Just kidding. Never ridden one. Seen a few around. Neat bike if you could find one a few years old (obviously not gonna happen). I'd say buy one if you can get one for a decent price that has been WELL taken care of. See Gabe's article on buying used bikes and take heed of his warning on hidden charges for a 15 year old bike.

redlegduke 06-30-2005 02:19 PM

Re: Honda Hawk?
KLR 650 does it all. Commute, tour, haul concrete - anything and everything - no problem.

650nakedtwins 07-06-2005 05:06 AM

Re: Honda Hawk?
Own it Love it. Really a nice do-all-bike.

Ive had mine for about 10 years.....will be looking to buy a Duc this year, but will always have the Hawk in the stable! Get it , enjoy it.


CanyonChaser 11-10-2005 06:34 AM

Re: Honda Hawk?
The Honda Hawk was the motorcycle that inspired me to motorcycles. Sadly, I rode for more than ten years before I found one in a barn. I overpaid for it, $2000. But it only had 10,996 miles on it (yeah, I remember the mileage).</p>

It ran strong from the moment I bought it and since I've continually upgraded the bike with suspension, lower clipons, modern exhaust, spruced up the brakes and modern tires. As a result, the Hawk is the most fun motorcycle I've ever owned!!! no kidding.</p>

In fact, two of my friends, who never understood my Hawk fascination, relented and found and bought Hawks. My friend Eric said after he rode his home. "I never really understood why you liked Hawks so much, but now I do..." Another friend, the Chief MSF instructor for the state of Utah found one too, he said "Almost every twisty road I find myself on, I find myself wishing I was on the Hawk." Even the author of "the Pace" Nick Ienatsch and chief instructor at Freddy Spenser schools thinks them the bee's knees!</p>

Additionally, I've started taking the Hawk to almost every track day I go to. Sure, I get my lunch handed to me in a paper bag down the straight-away, but who cares? A monkey can go fast in a straight line. But start throwing curves at the Hawk and the bike becomes utterly brilliant. Pure joy can be extracted from winging around the outside of CBR600RR's on a 17-year old antique.</p>

CanyonChaser 11-10-2005 06:35 AM

Re: Honda Hawk?
Problems? Well, its seventeen years old. Plan on adding new cables, new brake pads, new tires, new cush drive and maybe new intake manifolds. Anything rubber will likely benefit from being replaced. But none of it is hard to do. Most of it I've documented on my website - Plus, I've heard of Hawks racking up 200,000 miles on them without ANY engine work! I'm not kidding!!!</p>

Beyond that, the Hawk is the bike I hope I'll never have to sell. Its too special - too fun - too unique. And yes the list is the best Internet community of the face of gods green earth. And yes, Jesus would ride a Hawk, not only because Jesus is cool, but because Jesus is perfect and would therefore ride the perfect motorcycle. </p>

I can think of no other bike, ever made that is better for more duties than the Hawk. Weather you are a brand new rider or season veteran rider. The bike owns! </p>

Prepare to pay around 3,000 - and if you get one for less, bully for you - then plan on $500 or so for new tires and new cables and new cush drive, new manifolds etc... then plan on a few bucks for a good helmet, jacket, gloves etc... then proceed to ride the guts out of the Hawk...</p>

You know. On second thought. The Hawk sucks. Don't buy it.... But let me know of any that you see for sale ;)</p>



for more information!

manalagi001 07-25-2006 10:16 PM

Re: Honda Hawk?
*****in. Very nice. I was prepared to be disappointed by another frankenbike but it's great.

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