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tomk2 03-07-2005 08:32 AM

Re: 2004 CBR1000RR v.s. 2005 CBR600RR
If you want respect from your peers when ya pull into the Stir-Fry Barn then ya need the liter bike!

Of course you really ought to get the 2005 CBR1000RR, it's two pounds lighter and has 3 more hp!

Buzglyd 03-07-2005 08:39 AM

Re: 2004 CBR1000RR v.s. 2005 CBR600RR
I think it's the Dim Sum barn that's the hot spot there.

Buzglyd 03-07-2005 08:41 AM

Re: 2004 CBR1000RR v.s. 2005 CBR600RR
How do you say SISSIEZ in Mandarin Chinese?

nokneedragin 03-07-2005 09:15 AM

Re: 2004 CBR1000RR v.s. 2005 CBR600RR
Never been to a "small island in Asia", but I've been to afew "small islands in the Caribbean", and I would not recomend a liter or 600 sport bike to ride on those specks. Scooters, and smaller MCs are the best way to get around them. Beware the locals it gets rough in the "cities".

Plus, the local tobacco products tend to reduce you reaction time, a very bad thing on a liter bike.

SRMark 03-07-2005 09:43 AM

Re: 2004 CBR1000RR v.s. 2005 CBR600RR
Don't let a time constraint affect your decision to buy a bike. If those are the only two bikes on the island and you can't get more shipped in, take the big bike. Otherwise, take the time to figure out what you like.

pushrod 03-07-2005 09:58 AM

Re: 2004 CBR1000RR v.s. 2005 CBR600RR
So Travis, to sum up...

Big Bike, Small Island... Bad Idea.

Big Money Decision, Small Window of Opportunity... Bad Situation.

Kicked Back, Feet up, Ice Cold Brew you may or may not have to strain through your teeth... Ahhh Yesss!

(Go buy a ratty scooter and ride the wheels off of it!)

BPT 03-07-2005 10:02 AM

Re: 2004 CBR1000RR v.s. 2005 CBR600RR
I think you should just go with the 600. It has plenty enough horse to keep you happy, and the 1000's tend to scare people. Most people don't even use all the power of a 600, let alone a 1000. There is no where other than a track that you will use 160+ horse, besides the 600's go 160 mph, which is plenty enough.

gforces 03-07-2005 10:14 AM

It's Stahbuck's, of course
Since it gets really hot there, the Starbuck's only serves Frappaccinos, and spring rolls on the side instead of biscotte.

acecycleins 03-07-2005 10:49 AM

Re: 2004 CBR1000RR v.s. 2005 CBR600RR
Jokers are everywhere. Fact, most people don't have the skills to operate todays litre class bikes as they are intended. Fact two, islands tend to be limited in open road travel. So, why buy a bike that you'll never be able truly thrash? Just going for pimp factor? Last fact, insurance laws are different across the world but one undeniable fact is that c.c. size rules the industry. Lower the c.c., lower the premium.

SeanAlexander 03-07-2005 03:09 PM

Re: 2004 CBR1000RR v.s. 2005 CBR600RR
For the love of Pete! (BTW we do love you Pete)

Technically, they both sound like a poor choice for island riding, unless you live on the Isle of Mann. However, they are MOTORCYCLES and motorcycles don't have to make sense.

Sooooo..... Just buy the one you want.

Unless.... you are a newer rider, in which case step away from the CBRs and get a dual purpose bike. -Sean

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