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CYCLE_MONKEY 01-09-2001 06:53 AM

Re: Been Waiting for VTEC to show....
Honda has had variations of the V-TEC valvetrain in sporadic production since the mid-'80's. Iuess it was deemed too costly/complex for m/c's in the US.

El_Flaco 01-09-2001 07:57 AM

"Rocket" bike
First of all, it's not a rocket bike, they are powered by an Allison gas-turbine engine. It is a small, powerful jet engine that transfers power through a geared shaft. Secondly, they are not made in England, they are made in Louisiana by a company called Marine Turbine Technology. Small gas turbine engines connected to a constantly variable transmission could be a viable powerplant for future bikes. Sometimes we need something this outrageous to get people thinking about alternatives to the conventional way of doing things.

john 01-09-2001 01:44 PM

Re: New V-6 Blackbird?
it can still be a very compact motor. It all depends on the angle of the vee, and the bore/stroke dimensions. I would imagine a v6 motor would be more rigid, and permit some interesting chassis designs, i.e. steering head bolted directly to motor, swingarm directly to motor, eliminating the need for the wide twin spar aluminum frames used so often today. or a monocoque chassis a la ZX-12R.

NATO 01-09-2001 06:15 PM

Re: New V-6 Blackbird?
Correction, the S2000 is a 2.0 liter not a 1.8. The S2000 @ 240 horsepower in a 2.0 engine is 120 HP per liter. A Corvette with a 5.7 liter engine stock is non Z02 is 345 HP, that equals about 60.5 HP per liter. Making the S2000 twice as powerful per liter. A Viper is 8.0 liters producing 450 horsepower, + or - about 56 hp per liter. One of my buddies (dot commer) has a viper. He let me drive it. Whew! That is alot of power. The Honda S2000 is twice as powerful as both of the United States flagship sportscars. You know the S2000 is very light. What I am getting to is why such an enormous powerplant in a bike. Just think of what a bigger engine produced in the fashion of the current S2000 would be like. Soo long German Car Sales.

RedBrick 01-10-2001 05:08 AM

Re: New V-6 Blackbird?

Never said that.....sounds like you got a flame in mind....let her rip!

miket 01-18-2001 11:33 AM

Re: New V-6 Blackbird?
They did in fact build the NR750, just so everyone would go 'wow!' They may build this. Perhaps they're setting out to really blow the horsepower / top speed war way right out of the water. Maybe they want to really bring this all to a head and put a stop to it. Maybe they take the view that if nobody 'did anything' about the eye-abuser then nobody will do anything about anything. Maybe they got misty-eyed about that Norton V-8 that fell in a heap.

The aerodynamics look logical. Ugly as hell but logical. There's no technical reason you couldn't build it. It'd probably do about 215, and be a fairly good sportstourer to boot. It may even have ****y linked brakes. Can anyone actually use that much power? In a straight line, a very long and empty one - sure. Is that going to happen often? Perhaps not. I actually took my GS1100 [1980] to terminal velocity once. But I sure used plenty of that engine each and every day.

I think it's unlikey they'll do it. I'm just skeptical about anything that promises to top 200 mph. I've seen that claimed so often, and so rarely backed up.

miket 01-18-2001 11:38 AM

Re: New V-6 Blackbird?
I have actually done 165 on an unfaired bike, and about 180 on one with a bikini fairing. I'm not arguing with you, it's a hell of a thing, but it can be done. I would not have liked to try and sit 'up' on either of those runs.

dirtybmxr 01-30-2001 03:39 AM

Re: New V-6 Blackbird?
"The Honda S2000 is twice as powerful as both of the United States flagship sportscars. "

That is wrong, because as you pointed out, the S2000 is only a 2 liter motor, making it roughly HALF as powerful as the Viper. Hp per liter is great for the technological gee-whiz factor, but less Hp is still less Hp. I owned a '99 Civic Si, and while it's pretty neat that such a tiny motor works relatively well, it's still only relative, and in real terms the car was not fast.

Until Honda builds a 3.0 to 3.5 liter motor with similar specific output to the B16 motor, it just doesn't make sense to compare the S to true supercars.

dirtybmxr 01-30-2001 03:49 AM

Re: New V-6 Blackbird?
If you don't like sport bikes, why don't you keep your trap shut and go read something about a topic you enjoy, like grip tassels, highway pegs, the benefits of a high fiber diet, or quilting.

I am pretty sure no one knows what the second part of your post means, except maybe that you have some kind of circulatory disorder that gives you problems with the feeling in your lower extremities. You should probably stay off motorcycles just in case . . . .

dirtybmxr 01-30-2001 03:51 AM

Re: Well they lost it
Muzzy and Kawasaki have already proventhatthe ZX-12 does not have any kind of detuning or speed limiters. They, while being supervised by one of the magazines, pulled a 12 out of the crate and ran 190 or so, and with Muzzy bolt-ons, went 199.

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