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Default Cajones

They use it to set a rhythm on the assembly line. I thought everyone already new that.
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Default Re: Do I have to explain everthing to you MOrons

Why are we talking about Nuns working in brothels? That reminds me of a joke...

Bryan...what about a brother in a *****house...
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Default Correct, the Rune is a "Halo" vehicle

It's designed to grab attention and drag people in and get people curious, not to sell by the crateload.

If anything, what suprises me most about the Rune is where it isn't: in honda CAR dealer showrooms as well (you do see it at the car shows however).

The Rune's distinctiveness (yeah, its Fugly, so's the first-gen viper and the tomahawk) can make it a halo for the whole company, not just the motorcycle side.
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Default Re: Lots of silence out there.

I wouldn't be caught dead on one of those ugly ass MOFOs.
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Default Re: Basically true

"They sound and feel like dragging an empty can on the tarmac."

LOL! Isn't that the truth!

After grinding down the rear corners of the stock floorboards I "fixed" them by adding a piece of steel that does a nice job of protecting them. That gives me a nice "side effect".

Cages are for Hamsters!
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Default Re: Rune Sales

I like the Rune. I don't have the $25-26K it takes to buy one. Instead I'm happy with my'90 GoldWing for long trips and my '99 Interceptor for acting like a fool. But if I had enough disposable income I'd buy one!
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Default Re: Rune Sales

Nissan has great designs but falls way short on build quality. Ask the owners of 2k+ Maximas for the list of woes. My neighbor's Quest had a recall because low temperature caused a micro in the sliding door to fail to stay closed. Guess how he found out?
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Default Re: Rune Sales

Know what?????

I though the final ugliest motorcycle was the Suzuki Hayabusa but it is cool compared to that ugly thing. Mannnnn what was Honda thinking there?
\"Ya Gotta Have Big Ones\"
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Default Re: Not talking about depreciation in this case.

So instead of simply pointing out that someone should wait awhile and not pay premium for a new, something different, vehicle, calling them ****s and nuts, indirectly of course, was much more warranted.

I guess after a year or better of going on and on about how sportbikes are far superior to cruisers and how you couldn't understand why people would shell out their own money for such an inferior product and being ridiculed and called nasty names you figure you've paid your dues and should reciprocate.

Oh and on a final note, since you included it in your retort. I obviously don't know exactly what you are like in the real world, but I could hazzard a guess as to why you constantly include your personal political views and web links in your posts here at a motorcycle publication. You have a reputation here in this particular area of cyberspace, even if it is as the court jester, and get a response to your postings. I have learned after a few years in my profession that when someone is starved for attention or simply to be heard, they act out to get any kind of attention they can. Even if it is negative. Could it be that people you interact with in the real world are completely uninterested in your political views and opinions so you post them here incessantly in hopes someone will take the bait. Even if it is only to call you more names and get pissed off at you. From what I can remember from your posts over the last couple of years: you are married with children, are an engineer, go to the gym, and ride as much as you can. Yet, your posts show up at all times of the day, almost every day, sometimes back to back to back, with links and references to several other motorcycle sites and journals. If everything you have divulged about yourself is accurate and true, how exactly do you find the time for all of this, oh and have actually breathing friends to talk politics and bikes with?
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Default Re: Rune Sales

The honda dealer near me had one they sold to an individual who traded it back in on something else. I think it had less than 100miles on it. They had it for $26K for awhile, then dropped it to $24K. I noticed it was gone the last weekend.
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