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Default Re: Fugly paint...

We (customers) did, because that's what everyone is buying!
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Default Re: CBR1000RR Intro

I was really excited to see this bike, and I am used to that cheap plastic Honda look, but Holy cow, is that ugly. That has to be the ugliest bike in while- totally bad proportions, aweful angles, terrible paint, ugly exhaust, it goes on and on. Yeah, it may look better in person, but I dont know how much it can be redeemed. Ugly is ugly. What where these guys smoking? I'm sure it will be Motorcyclist bike of the year.

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Default Re: CBR1000RR Intro

I like it, when the 600rr came out, I knew when they made a 1000cc version I'd want it.

people always talk down about honda and the power they make. look on this site and compare the 954rr and the R1, they put down near identical 1/4 mile and track times, but people swear the R1 is so much faster.

even if it is, my 954rr is friggin fast, and with a chip and exhaust, only my friend's gsxr1000 would edge out on me, but it's not that I was "slow" he was just that much more insanly fast.

as long as it comes stock with more power, and room for upgrades like my 954, and keep honda's rep for being good, trouble free bikes, then I'm getting it.

It does look a little plain to me without the graphics like the older models, but simple is better than too much.

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