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Default Re: ST 1300 problems?

Read what minkeylove said...again. He said the high-speed stability issue was fixed. He did NOT say he expected to be 'cool' in 95 degree weather. He did say that having his legs, from the knees to his feet, 'toasted' was not acceptable. YOU suggest he buy an air-conditioned cage. I suggest YOU take lessons in reading comprehension! YOU say the heat from the ST is not as bad as 'most' other motorcycles. The only one worse, that I can presently think of, is the FJR1300. Yeah...ridden them both! By the way, I'm not knocking Honda. In fact, I believe they are among the very best bikes made! (Owned lots of 'em.) I just don't like YOU and the way you mis-read the comments of a guy with some pretty good info and then make smart-ass remarks. Called him an idiot and then said Yamahas were ugly and BM owners were envious. Calm down, go for a putt on your ST and get your legs cooked!
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