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seruzawa 03-12-2003 05:29 AM

Re: 500hp Streetbike!
(Giving Joe a funny look.)

seruzawa 03-12-2003 05:38 AM

Re: 500hp Streetbike!
Given the limitation of the size of tires you can mount on the bike I can't imagine that 500HP is truly much better than a mere 400HP. Or even 300HP.

Oh well, no matter how fast your bike is there is always someone who is faster.

rsheidler 03-12-2003 06:14 AM

Re: I smell a road-test!
Me too............

........Oh, you were being sarcastic. Never Mind ;-)

(actually, I like reading about dirt bikes and scooters AND high powered motorcycles)

jmeyn 03-12-2003 09:28 AM

Like 1.8s 60-80. Geared for 171 mph@12500 rpm it puts out twice the thrust you need for 1 G acceleration in top gear, about 1100# available thrust for a 600# bike. I'll bet that guy doesn't let his kid ride it.

I agree, Sean. Stick to your fingers.

jmeyn 03-12-2003 09:35 AM

Re: 500hp Streetbike!
The article calls it a drag bike, so it gets sticky stuff on the strip to transmit more horsepower. But I hadn't heard that HP was the limit on drag speeds; it's all about control of available traction. Especially during launch! Let's see if this bike shows up in real drag competition.

Tweaked007 03-12-2003 09:54 AM

Re: 500hp Streetbike!
Street legal!!! Everyone should have a chance to ride a bike like this!

When I put NOS to my 95 900RR, I scared myself stupid the first few times I tagged the horn button. This bike was putting out 155hp on the bottle (small NOS jets). [I've got this out of my GSXR1000 with a couple of bolt-ons -- I love the Japenese!] Then, I rode a friend's NOS GSXR1100. Big NOS jets and a motor built to back it up with an adjustable swingarm and drag slick. It would light up the rear tire and step sideways at a buck and change. Again, I was picking seat foam out of my posterior after the first few runs. This was putting out a little over 210hp. Since then I've ridden a turbo-charged and built Busa putting down about 260hp. It would bang off the rev limiter hard in top gear;-) Until you've nearly worn a Busa as a hat at 150mph you haven't lived! I think parts of my body are still clenched tight after that experience. [I think that I would be happy with exactly 202hp.] My point (I actually have one) is that strapping a bike like this to a dyno is one thing, but riding one is a whole different ball game (even half that hp -- street or strip). Not everyone could ride this and survive. Someone should mass produce a 225hp turbo bike and thin the herd a bit.

Street legal!!! Dang.

Tweaked007 03-12-2003 09:56 AM

Re: 500hp Streetbike!
BTW; If you can get J. Pruient a ride on this, I'll ante up for next year's subscription in advance:-0

seruzawa 03-12-2003 10:28 AM

Re: 500hp Streetbike!
The Japanese should also offer an accessory brain tank.

rsheidler 03-12-2003 10:39 AM

Re: 500hp Streetbike!
This kind of contests remind me of the auto soundsystem contests they have where you set the car out in the middle of a stadium and run the system by remote control from 100 yards away, cause the sound would literally kill you up close. Interesting as an opportunity to push the edges of the envelope but in themselves largely (totally?) irrelevant in the real world. As others have suggested, there is no possible way to put 1/2 that horsepower to the ground with a street-legal bike. Maybe with a big drag slick, 20' wheelbase and a wheelie bar?

I wonder how many of those engines he has grenaded in the process. Can't say I would want my 'nads in the way of the flying shrapnal when it happens!

bigjames 03-12-2003 12:07 PM

Re: 500hp Streetbike!
Just think of the sidecar and trailer you could haul with that thing....whew, that is sick...

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