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dardas 02-17-2003 04:41 AM

Re: CBR600RR delayed
Intorducing the 2003 2004 Honda CBR600rr

seruzawa 02-17-2003 05:04 AM

Re: CBR600RR delayed
Looks like the squids have to wait even longer to get the latest and greatest that's at least 0.0001% faster! They'll just have continue the cruise their older mounts down the boulevards on Saturday nights, chicken strips proudly displayed.

boru4761 02-17-2003 05:40 AM

Re: CBR600RR delayed
OK, I'll bite. What is a chicken strip? Is that where the squidly among us ride around with tires that are about bald down the middle from burnouts but the edges are like new?

red916 02-17-2003 05:44 AM

Re: CBR600RR delayed

Buzglyd 02-17-2003 05:53 AM

Re: CBR600RR delayed
And of course the dealers will mark them up accordingly. Where I used to work the sales manager calculated the "freight and setup" based upon how popular the bike was. In this instance, it would definitely be $1269.

Later, it would drop to $769 and then to $369 as the inventory increased and demand slowed down.

DurangoKid 02-17-2003 06:00 AM

It's Karma
Snub Johnny B and the MOrons and you get production delays.

Hopefully the other manufacturers learn from Honda's blunder.

Joe_Momma 02-17-2003 06:14 AM

Re: CBR600RR delayed
I like chicken strips, especially from Longhorn.

Chango 02-17-2003 06:32 AM

Re: CBR600RR delayed
This could possibly hurt sales of the new CBR600RR simply because the competition is already available. I have no doubt that the new CBR is a great bike, but I've already seen the new ZX-6R, and it's quite lovely in the metal. Admittedly I wasn't prepared for how small it is, but at least I could go to the local Kaw dealer and buy one today if I had room in my wallet for an extra motorcycle...

Remeber, it's always easier to do things the hard way. Chango

SeanAlexander 02-17-2003 09:33 AM

Re: CBR600RR delayed
Damn you Joe_Momma How could you mention the holy grail of chicken eating, in a forum that is also read by those of us in CA, where there isn't a Longhorn to be found.

When I moved to CA from Jacksonville, FL I immediately went into Longhorn withdrawal. I still twitch, when someone mentions Longhorn Chicken Fingers.

Le_Racer 02-17-2003 11:48 AM

Ain't too bad a delay...
I know some Honda riders that have been waiting from 98 to 2002 for the red 4 strokes that would put the YZ400F to shame. At the time the rumors said that it would be a early release 99...

I'm also on the lookout for something of a CRF250, now it's said to be a early released 2004.

My father also had to wait for his 2003 ST1300. Crates were on hold for a couple of months, his dealer giving all kind of excuses for the delay (like: they have to get different warning labels on the bike!?!).

Is it a trend with Honda?


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