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Montana Casper 06-14-2010 01:43 AM

Power upgrades for Honda Shadow VLX 600
Hello folks, new member, bought my 2007 Honda Shadow VLX 600 Deluxe April 30, 2008,
Last new VLX Left in the Western USA as it was discontinued Dec. 31, 2006. had 3 miles on her, today, she has over 24,000! My problem? Power.
I have opened up both the exhaust, and the intake air, I plan on a Dyno -Jet kit next month, but, at best, that will only add 3-4 HP!
is there a better cam available for her, or does anyone know of any machine shop that does custom cam grinds? Will a pre shaft drive shadow 750 motor fit? Due to some artificial joints, the VLX is one of the FEW bikes that I can even sit on, without being in extreme pain! So, I need to get more out of her to tour with. I have changed the stock 16 tooth FRONT sprocket to a 15 tooth, which gives her a higher number final drive for better performance, and at 65MPH, it is only turning about 75 RPM faster. The European
Transalp, which uses the same basic motor, is rated at 55 BHP! The VLX is rated at 32 BHP!
this is from a 583cc 52 DEG water cooled V-Twin with a single pin crank. ANY ideas will be very welcome. here is a link to my photobucket site, so you can see the quality of my work, and painting skills.
Pictures by montanaghost - Photobucket

The_AirHawk 06-14-2010 05:31 AM

While I believe you're wasting your time, talk to J.D. Hord:

seruzawa 06-14-2010 05:36 AM

Maybe Transalp cams will fit. It might have bigger valves and higher compression which means you'd need the heads too. You'd need the carb because I'll bet that the Transalp carb has a bigger throat. Maybe you can find a Transalp engine somewhere. If they are the same basic engine it might just fit.

The only way to tell if the 750 engine would fit is to measure the two. Don't forget that the output sprocket has to line up with the rear sprocket.

Either way it'd be an interesting project.

Otherwise your only options are to look for a bigger bike that you can still fit on or to plan for more time on your trips.

Kenneth_Moore 06-14-2010 06:47 AM

Are you sure this is the only bike that'll work for you? The VLX's seat, bars, pegs aren't unusual or unique.

Putting performance money into a generic mid-size Japanese cruiser is going to give you very little bang for the buck. You'd be better off trading up.

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