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stevegrab 10-31-2000 10:32 AM

Re: Brake Tech Reader Feedback
Thanks, later I did see the story on the page, but I've been paying less attention to that since everything seems to be there on the page.

oldjapbikes 10-31-2000 10:36 AM

What's a floating disc
I always thought discs and rotors were the same thing. How the heck does one float a rotor? And if your caliper is already floating to optimize the pad/rotor pressure interaction, isn't having a floating disc overkill?

Not a pretty site. What's the URL for that?

Sorry, couldn't help it. You MO guys are journalists, right? You check grammar, right?

SugarMrPoon 10-31-2000 12:34 PM

Re: Brake Tech Reader Feedback
Porsche is getting ready to offer ceramic brakes on the 911 turbo, as is Mercedes on the CL600.

f1 cars use carbon fiber, but just as everything else in f1, it's way too expensive for the road right now.

also-sometimes when carbon fiber brakes fail they just explode.

so durability and price are the main issues.

CYCLE_MONKEY 10-31-2000 02:56 PM

Re: Brake Tech Reader Feedback
The easiest and cheapest way to add more stopping power would be to buy aftermarket pads, lines, fluid, and maybe a rotor from Braking Performance, sold through the Chaparral catalog, and other places. If you want to spend more money MAYBE Performance Machine makes a 4 or 6-piston differential bore caliper or caliper-and- rotor kit. If you want the stock look, check an see if the wheel has the bosses and threaded holes on the opposite side of the wheel that the disk is on now. Most times, if the wheel is used on similar (usually larger-displacement) models, both sides of the wheel will be drilled and tapped for dual disks. If the bosses are there, but no holes, a good machine shop can fix that for you. If you're really lucky, maybe the other fork leg will even have the clearance holes for mounting the other caliper. You might check the junk yards and see if you can' buy the fork leg, caliper, and rotor from a model that will fit. Plan on new fork tubes, however, as most in the junkyards are pretzeled. Good luck.

CYCLE_MONKEY 10-31-2000 02:57 PM

Re: Brake Tech Reader Feedback
YOU DA MAN!! Keep up the good work!

CYCLE_MONKEY 10-31-2000 03:04 PM

Re: Speed Bleeders
Try Earl's. I mounted a set of PM 4-piston differential-bore calipers on my '86 GSXR-1100 (had to design and then have fabbed some custom Al brackets for them, since PM doesn't make a kit), and they were happy to custom make the lines I needed, with a quick turnaround time. They'll make anything you could ever need. Water hoses, oil cooler lines. Check 'em out.

CYCLE_MONKEY 10-31-2000 03:12 PM

Re: Brake Tech Reader Feedback

CYCLE_MONKEY 10-31-2000 03:14 PM

Re: Brake Tech Reader Feedback
Brake fluid will quickly DESTROY your ABS (common fairing plastic) fairing too. Mine shattered into 1/8 pieces. If fluid gets between the screen and the fairing, take it all apart and clean it out.

padraig 11-28-2000 03:26 AM

sounds like
warped brake disks mate,

do they feel warped and if so u might have to replace them.

rc30-JimmyV 03-21-2001 06:20 PM

Re: Brake Tech Reader Feedback
Problem with carbon brakes is:

1) Costs - hve you compared the costs. Good quality brembo discs run around $1000 for the race items. Carbon is double ++.

2) Carbon requires you to heat them up before they will operate effectively. In a road situation they would be useless as you would not be able to generate the heat required.

On the Car front - Lotus Elise was the first manufacturer to release a car with a ceramic/metalic rotor. Benefits are weight, excellent wear and performance.


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