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das 06-27-2001 05:15 AM

Re: You what?
So, you're saying that you actually pushed over a motorcycle because you didn't like that it was parked on a slope using the sidestand? Wow, now *that* is the act of a ****head. It never occurred to you that maybe there was a good reason for it being like that? Maybe the center stand was broken. Maybe it was just a newbie. And I thought mindless SUV drivers were disrespectful.

Abe_Froman 06-27-2001 06:05 AM

Re: Questions about bike sales, dealerships and demand
I agree that it's regretful that dealers won't allow test rides the majority of the time (although I have known of a few well-heeled and frequent customers of my shop that are thrown the keys as soon as they walk in the door. Perhaps you need to buy more bikes.) You have to understand, however, that a lot of people drop bikes that they test. I was at the shop on a day when some kid test-rode a used '99 GSXR750, and of course, wiped out. There was a huge fiasco, the police were called, and the owner didn't want him to leave until a substantial sum had been charged to his credit card. Dealers don't like to go through that. In my opinion, most guys that want test rides probably aren't real experienced riders with lots of riding buddies. If they were, they probably would have already been able to finagle a ride on the bike from a friend who owned it. That's how it went for me. I've been able to ride a lot of the latest bikes due to buddies that owned them (the VTX 1800 was even more fun than an '00 GSXR750, by the way.)

I just don't think the dealers can trust a lot of the people who want test rides to keep the thing upright.

Roadman 06-27-2001 06:09 AM

Harley has delivered samples to the aftermarket manufactuers
The dealers have no idea about the bike but they are at all the big aftermarket places. If Harley was not painted on the tank, I would not have known what they were. It truly looks like some Japanese wannabe. Harly should have made this a Dresser first and covered all the strangeness. Also in this day of big CC's, an 1100 does not have an exciting ring to it. It does produce power. It will be a LONG time untill it appears in a Buell. Eric feels that he can meet emissions just fine with what he has.

Abe_Froman 06-27-2001 06:16 AM

Re: Dealers can help themselves

I'm not saying that salesmen are never jerks, but the people at my dealer are certainly not that bad. They'll sell you the bike you want (albeit at list price, if it's an R1. Dangit.) Plus, they have a sticker with the (somewhat high) price clearly printed on it stuck on every headlight in the showroom. Oh well, haggling is fun.

caseyheilman 06-27-2001 06:40 AM

Re: Great thread!
WOW! Thanks to everyone who read and replied. I'm really amazed at all your opinions and help. It sounds like dealerships have enough stock, but not enough people are buying for various reasons. That's all I really wanted to know. The rest has been just icing on the cake. Keep on posting, have patience with those who think differently than you, and keep your heads up out there...


Abe_Froman 06-27-2001 06:51 AM

Big toys for big boys....
That's how motorcycles are percieved in America. Most of the time, they are second, third, and fourth vehicles. I love my R1, but it's hard to carry my golf clubs on it. Of course, living in Minnesota, my bike becomes a garage sculpture in the winter. I'm sure that it's more common to ride in bad weather in europe, but I'd bet that when it's -10F, and you're sitting in rush-hour traffic on a snow-covered freeway, even the most hard-core black-leather goggled european rider would wish for a nice warm car with a radio. Prosperity and cheap gas have made it easy to mindlessly meander down the road listening to Rush Limbaugh rather than get on a motorcycle and be forced to pay attention to what you and others around you are doing.

The status of motorcycles in America as toys also raises the costs associated with riding. Kids get a hold of fast sportbikes, crash, and drive up the cost for you and me. Police sit on the median and jack you for $100 dollars for doing 75 in a 55 on an empty freeway. As Hondachop said in an earlier post, this B.S. has got to stop. Lane-splitting is illegal here, so I have to sit and wait with the cagers while roasting in the summer heat. If I didn't have to show up with my nice work clothes drenched in sweat because I couldn't go around the cagers, I might ride to work more. Man, come to think of it, things really suck here. But, that's Minnesota, "the land where nothing is allowed" (Joe Soucheray, "Garage Logic"). At least we have some of the best roads in America (we should, for crying out loud, with the third-highest taxes in the nation.)

sanchin 06-27-2001 07:17 AM

Re: Questions about bike sales, dealerships and demand
I guess it is a catch-22. If I buy more bikes I'll develop credibility with the dealers and then they'll let me test ride. But I don't know what to buy inless I test ride. I've bought 3 bikes in the last 3 years, but only one from a dealer because of what I perceive as poor customer relations. I understand the dealers perspective also since they can't judge the skill of the riders, and once a bike has been ridden, it can't be sold as 'new.' I attended the Loudon Bike week event, and there were demo rides, but it was all cruisers. My friends and I trade bikes, but they all ride Harleys so that won't help me decide whether a Bandit 1200 or an sv650 is the best for me.

mwyoung 06-27-2001 07:45 AM

Re: Finally intelligent poster
The law may explain why you see scooters parking on sidewalks where motorcycles get tickets. In Denver, and other parts of the country, a scooter (or bike) with less that 50cc displacement is considered a bicycle or moped. It's not necessary to license this with the DMV, and it can be parked like a bicycle on the sidewalk.

starvingstudent 06-27-2001 08:19 AM

Re: Questions about bike sales, dealerships and demand
Good luck finding _any_ dealership that will let you take a 50 mile test ride. Most won't even let you take the bike around the parking lot. I really don't know if there's any way around this, though. The dealers aren't going to change because they are afraid of some nut totalling a brand new ZXGSXCBYZF.

That said, I would suggest checking out the SV650 (for lighter or more nimble) or something like the ZRX or FZ1 for stronger engine and better suspension. Any of those should supply nice comfort.

By the way, are you a karateka? Noticed your name. What style do you study? I study shotokan, myself. Nice to see some overlap in hobbies.

truedog 06-27-2001 08:47 AM

Re: Harley has delivered samples to the aftermarket manufact
I have a real hard time believing this. Harley does not send their bikes to the aftermarket places first. It is definitely not a production model yet. Also if it were all over like you say, let's see the pictures!

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