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Default Re: Finally intelligent poster

I live in Amsterdam, which by design has tiny sidewalks where not even a Vespa can park. And I ride a Yamaha Diversion 900 touring motorcycle. So where do I park, you might ask? On the sidewalk, since using the parking spot of a car is prohibited. The rules are simple, find a spot where your parked motorcycle doesn't hinder anyone. I personally make sure I leave enough room for a wheelchair to pass.

Parking your motorcycle is not 'taught', but rather left to the common sense of the motorcyclist. Still, I haven't seen a badly parked motorcycle for years [OK, that's a lie, I nudged over a BMW some ****head had parked on its sidestand on a slope].

As I've gathered from other posts not much attention is given to the 'side-effects' of riding a motorcycle in the US, compared to Europe. Which is one reason I'm hesitant to cross the pond and explore America by bike.

The chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion
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Default Re: Questions about bike sales, dealerships and demand

Well... I refuse to live my life ruled by fear. That's not really living now, is it?

Or, as Mel Gibson said in "Braveheart": "Every man dies. Not every man truly lives."
People are more violently opposed to fur than leather, because it\'s safer to harass rich women than bikers.
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Default Re: Questions about bike sales, dealerships and demand

Tell your brother that the latest studies show that more people die from doctor's mistakes than just about any other cause. Ask him if this means he'll stop practicing.

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Default Re: Dealers can help themselves

I concur that dealers treat the younger segment horribly. I have been told by repeated dealers that if I'm not ready to buy that day, I shouldn't even be in their showroom. And this wasn't even after pestering them for test-rides (which I have finally realized most dealers just don't give)--this is merely after wandering around, looking at motorcycles and sitting on them.

I've even been in an HD dealership where they don't have any new models on the floor to look at (predictable) and they wouldn't even let people sit on the used models!

If dealers don't entice people--if they don't try and build obsessions in the back of people's mind--the younger age group will never get around to buying motorcycles.

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Default TV

TV sells everything.

Bikes are not practical enough to truly replace cars as part of mainstream society, so the area where demand can grow is primarily in recreation.

People's imagination about what they can do to have fun is influenced by what they see on TV because it is an effective source of ideas beyond what the person already sees and does on a daily basis.

Motorcycles are portrayed stereotypically on TV, and therefore capture few people's imaginations.

I'm not saying TV is the only source. The limited number of people who go motorcycling probably get the idea elsewhere -- and they tend to become enthusiasts. This creates a market that meets the desires of the few enthusiasts and not most people.

This is why we have much of the motorcycling niche paying grand attention to the GSXR1000 and whatnot, while a non-motorcyclist would be overwhelmed with such a concept.

Put real motorcyclists on TV and watch bikes sell. Then watch the demand for televised motorcycle racing go through the roof.
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Default Re: Finally intelligent poster

America is great but can be an absolute joke sometimes. I was in Amsterdam recently and loved it. All of Europe seems to possess a hell of a lot more common sense than us stupid americans... minus the legalized drug use
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Default Re: Questions about bike sales, dealerships and demand

A couple of years ago I was looking to replace my

92 Nighthawk 750 with something faster, more nimble, lighter, and at least as comfortable. I subscribe to Motorcyclist, Cycle World, Rider, American Motorcyclist and Motorcycle Consumer news, so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. With the exception of one dealer, they all acted like they were doing me a favor by relieving me of my hard earned cash. I'm a 40ish rider who pays cash for my bikes, and at one dealer I had a 22 year-old-spike-haired-body-pierced punk lecturing me on the joys of over priced used and abused sport-bikes. Even though I want a light bike I had Kawasaki dealers push me toward the Concours. Honda dealers either pushed the VFR, VTR, or even cruisers. The worst part of the whole deal was that nobody allows test rides. I ended up buying a used YZF600r privately and put heli-bars on it. It was 2000.00 less through private sale than what dealers wanted. It has great handling, motor, and is light, but not as comfortable as I had hoped. I can't sit on my nuts for extended rides. Some guys can do it, but I don't know how. I sold it, after 4000 miles, and will keep riding my Honda.

The bottom line for me is that I refuse to drop

6 or 8 or 10 thousand dollars until I can ride a bike for at least 50 miles or so. If that means I'm stuck with my Honda, so be it. I'll take the $9000.00 currently in my bike fund and buy a boat and maybe a snowmobile. If any New Hampshire dealers read this, maybe something will change. Dealers need to get their act together.

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Default Great thread!

Just wanted to say I've read some great, insightful comments on this board. Thanks MO!

Pete P.
Mongo just pawn in game of life.
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Default Re: Where did you hear about this?

Yes they are due to release new models and engines from HD and Buell at the July 13th dealer meeting. There are none on the road as they are keeping the release under very tight wraps. If the bike is as you describe, I might be interested in one.
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Default Re: Words from an Industry Insider

Is Pat the same Pat McGroin that bought out the famous Greek motorcycle dealership chain owned by Harry Paratestes?

I hope so. Tell Pat I said "Hi."
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