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PrairieDog 06-11-2007 07:47 AM

Re: Easiest 600cc to Ride?
What is the best 600 class for a beginner, or is easiest to ride?

Well, why not think about a much more important question. "Which 600cc bike fits me best?"

Are you out to impress the world with your fast sportbike, or are you out to enjoy riding a motorcycle? That is a question you really need to be asking here.

Now, prior to making any motorcycle purchase, take the MSF Basic Rider Course any where near you. You might be riding around a parking lot as mentioned, but let me say this about that. It is the motivation of the learner, not the drilling by the instructor that decides how much the learner comes away with. There are those that have the "I've been riding for xxx years and you can't teach me a thing" attitude that take the class, do just about everything wrong and make it through by a very slim chance. They really can't ride - choose the "lay it down" technique for hazard avoidance at every opportunity.

Then there's the learner that comes in to class with the attitude that they will learn anything and everything that they possibly can. Those are the students that learn all the techniques so their first encounter ends up as another reinforcement of the reason they took the MSF class to begin with.

You only get out of the class what you put in.

Learn to ride the proper way - it is much healthier, wealthier and wise to do so.

Gordy 06-11-2007 08:49 AM

Re: Easiest 600cc to Ride?
Take your sportbike down a muddy dirt road sometime (you wouldn't hesitate with your car) and you'll find out just how handicapped they are.

trenttheuncatchable 06-11-2007 09:13 AM

Re: Easiest 600cc to Ride?
I love my Ninja 250 :) For exactly the reason you said. The only reason it isn't in my garage right now is because my girlfriend is using it for a season to get her first-bike riding experience.

My bigger bike is a CBR1100XX, but I don't see it as better than the Ninja, it's just different. Both bikes are a blast to ride.

MOwings 06-11-2007 10:00 AM

Re: Easiest 600cc to Ride?
I too would reccomend the 250 ninja (having owned 3 in my life). Got to which is as infective as the bike. If I was dead set on a 600 I wild also recommend a twin, eithe the SV or the Nija 650 (which I currently own). I've owned and ridden the 600 inline fours and I can say the twins are much more forgiving but just as fun. Linear powerbands on the twins favor new riders. Good luck with whatever you choose.

tomk2 06-11-2007 02:05 PM

Re: Easiest 600cc to Ride?
All current 600cc race replicas flat out suck as street bikes.... lousy ergonomics, harsh suspension, gutless under 8,000 rpm.

the only people who'd choose one as a daily ride are either newbie kooks or posers

but if you feel that you have to ride a race replica because everybody else at the Starbucks has one

the CBR600RR probably sucks least

KLRer 06-11-2007 03:09 PM

Re: Easiest 600cc to Ride?
KTM or Husqvarna 650 class supermotard.

everiman 06-11-2007 03:26 PM

Re: Easiest 600cc to Ride?
You won't be sure MCs are really for you until you have ridden for a bit, so buy a used bike.

A new 600 sport bike is a no compromise street legal road race track bike.

Older 600s (90's versions) are a little less focussed than the new ones. Find one that hasn't been thrashed too badly (definitely something to watch for). If you must buy a newer bike, and you still want a nice 600 street oriented sports bike get something like the Yamaha R6, Honda 599, Kawasaki ninja 650 twin or versys, or Suzuki SV or DV 650 twins.

Unless you are a very quick and gifted learner, you will never outgrow any of these bikes. The evil imperialist advertising industry and their running dog media lackies will try to convince you you need more horsepower, lower 1/4 mile times fancy ass newfangled brakes, electronics, etc. etc., They are lying, it ain't THAT much better, and chances if you are an average rider with average skills, your skill level will NEVER reach the point where you need that stuff.

Paper based performance numbers not withstanding a 90's 600, or a 600 class standard are probably the nicest all round motorcycles available on todays market for any type of riding or rider. A competent rider on one of these bikes will blow off lesser skilled riders on any available bikes that are supposed to be faster or better performing.

However.... if bragging rights at local donut shop are important, or you need to compensate for a tiny pee pee, or something a playmate said about you in grade one, you may have to upgrade to the latest and greatest to satisfy your irrational need for self esteem, AFTER you have learned how to ride properly.

sachiwilson 06-11-2007 05:05 PM

Re: Easiest 600cc to Ride?
This pretty much says it all.

I've ridden for 21 years, with bikes up to 1100 cc (and NO cruisers!) I'm now riding a Honda 599 and it is, overall, the most FUN and competent bike I've ever had. It may not brake or accelerate quite as well as something that is bred for racing, but it does damn well enough, and certainly well enough for the street riding I do (which is Southern California canyons).

That said, this bike is no pansy. There have been times when I've noticed that if I had not been skilled and cautious, the power of that bike, which was basically a retuned version of a 1997 CBR, would have put me in danger. A 600 may seem like a little bike but it isn't - it can kill you in a flash. I would not want a new rider to start on a 599, much less a sporting 600, unless I knew beyond question that she or he was able mentally and physically to deal with such a bike.

skortch 06-11-2007 05:38 PM

Re: Easiest 600cc to Ride?
If you buy a new 600 plan on spending some cash on broken and scratched bodywork, even if it's only from simple tipovers or low speed low-sides. Odds are it'll happen one way or the other.

I've had some CBRs, VFRs, etc., but I learned the most (and probably had the most fun) on an old '81 GPz 550. I had a new '91 VFR prior to that but was always worried about scratching or denting it - it was the 2nd bike I owned and probably too much too soon. So I sold it and bought the GPz - way more fun! Why? Because I wasn't worried so much about crashing (not that I ever did on that bike) and the capabilities were closer to mere-mortal level than the current race-rep 600s. Still plenty high enough for learning and beyond, of course. It's also fun being able to rev a bike through more gears than just first without getting the local PD on your tail...

I'll also join those recommending a dual sport bike. Off-road riding will teach you a lot about riding on the road and handling a bike well. I've currently got a DR-650 in the garage and it's a lot of fun on the nearby jeep trails.

Whatever you buy realize you'll suck at first and ride accordingly. Skills take time to develop.

NLJ 06-11-2007 07:49 PM

Re: Easiest 600cc to Ride?
Hyosung GT-250 or GT-250R if you prefer plastic. Lightweight, easy handling, forgiving, and will pop up to 100mph if you want it to. Not to mention, you can get a brand spanking new one out the door for less than $4000. If you don't mind a leftover 2005 or 2006 you can ride a new one for less than $3000 out the door (naked of course)

ALso available as a United Motors same bike different badge.

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