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pplassm 11-05-2006 11:43 PM

Re: Two Stroke Top End Questions.
"funny ..thats why all the mx bikes and sx bikes are pretty much all four stroke :)"

Take away thier displacement advantage and see where they place.

Why do just about all the Pro GNCCers ride 2 strokes?

seruzawa 11-06-2006 02:38 AM

Re: Two Stroke Top End Questions.
There haven't been real men riding off road since they quit riding XLCHs. To heck with these pansy monoshock long travel suspensions. Nothing like bounding across the Mojave Desert on a BSA 650 Hornet.

TomSmith 11-06-2006 03:53 AM

Re: Two Stroke Top End Questions.
My 1950 Harley Hummer 125 2-stroke is on its second piston and rings (after 3 Catalina races and several scrambles). I did freeze up the engine and break the crank once. Of course, I haven't ridden it since 1958, but the engine's was new when I put it away. So my piston and rings have lasted 50 years.

Neal 11-06-2006 04:26 AM

Re: Two Stroke Top End Questions.
LOL thats the best post yet. I finally figured out how to make my Harley 2 strokes(1 MX250,2 Bajas) last; I quit racing them!

mscuddy 11-06-2006 05:55 AM

Re: Two Stroke Top End Questions.
Like the stock pegs on the Harley Baja. Solid man.

Not at all like the factory bikes Larry Roseler raced.

mscuddy 11-06-2006 05:56 AM

Re: Two Stroke Top End Questions.
Hahah, like the Jawa 90 in my garage. Or my BW Leathers...

SmokeU 11-06-2006 06:27 AM

Re: Two Stroke Top End Questions.
Top ends on their 2 smokers maybe. The 450 thumpers are notorious for short top end lifespans. Which is the primary reason for me not owning one no matter how good the bike/atv is.

Tadgh 11-06-2006 06:53 AM

Re: Two Stroke Top End Questions.
well the rules are set for 250 2 strokes and 4 stroke 450s to run in the same class, i dont think its a displacement advantage. its set like all racing .. you can probably run a 500 2 stroke versus the 990s in motogp if you still want to...i dont think there is a major power advantage just how its delivered thats all...

as for the gnccers well wasnt scott summers pretty successful on a xr650 of all things ?? anyhow i think salminen would take them all to school on any bike ...there are a few crf 450s running high in that series ...and then they all get their asses handed to them by david knight on a ktm (four stroke)....

but in maybe the WEC you see most of the winning is done on 4 strokes on the overall timing .. and i dont know what it is but the gncc us riders just dont do well for some reason and in the isde as well (starting in new zealand today i think)

but its horses for courses ..i have ridden all types and find the four stroke easier to ride at an average pace but harder to ride at 100% where the 2 stroke seems harder to ride at average pace than flat out ...

Tadgh 11-06-2006 06:53 AM

Re: Two Stroke Top End Questions.
ill take your word for it ....i rode one twin shock enduro and one was enough for my spine :)

maladg 11-06-2006 07:57 AM

Re: Two Stroke Top End Questions.
Or my Combat Wombat & Captain America lid.

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