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pplassm 08-29-2006 03:08 AM

Re: Which Supermoto?
Been there. Done that. Have scars to prove it.

Looking for another one, though.

pplassm 08-29-2006 03:35 AM

Re: Which Supermoto?
Wow! Took a little digging, but worth it!

maladg 08-29-2006 03:43 AM

Re: Which Supermoto?
Excellent, Smithers! Try In the "Used" section, nice shot of a Tessy on page 6.

pplassm 08-29-2006 03:47 AM

Re: Which Supermoto?
I am on the big KTM bandwagon. The LC4 engine makes decent power and has proven durability. Older RXC's are cheap, even the earlier electric start versions.

The larger engine (>600) is desireable if you are doing any freeway riding.

I converted an old kickstart RXC. There's no counterbalancer, and no magic button, but it makes big power after I installed a bigger carb and SX muffler.

The wheels are readily available from a number of sources, and cost about $1000 with tires. Add a little for a Duke brake disc and caliper spacer.

A big plus is now, you have a second set of wheels for dirt use! A true dual-purpose bike!

mscuddy 08-29-2006 05:19 AM

Re: Ape over Aparilla...?
Wow, the new "Dirt Bike" did an article that didn't include bolt on FMF parts or pink boots? Amazing.

Yes, and since the new 4 strikers spin up to over 10 grand RPM wise they're egging out crank bearing recesses in the cases too.

No thanks to the 4 strokes. I've got my hands full as it is...

pplassm 08-29-2006 07:14 AM

Re: Which Supermoto?
Any RACING based machine is not going to be as reliable, long term, and a motorcycle designed for street use and lots of miles. The KTM RFS, Husky and Aprilia offerings are about as reliable as the WR's KXf's as CRF's they are meant to compete with.

DRs, DR-Z's, XR's, XTs and TTs were never meant to offer the utmost in performance, and are much more reliable. That doesn't mean they cannot be raced, though, just ask Scott Summers.

The KTM LC4 based models should also be in the latter category, as they have proven themselves over time.

And I cannot remember the last time I went to a real dealership.

acecycleins 08-29-2006 08:25 AM

Re: Which Supermoto?
The only bike you should worry about is the Aprilia. The parts distribution is screwed. The Husky's are rock solid and anyone who tells you otherwise does not own one or know the products. Dealer service is quite different than reliability. KTM has a great dealer network going now. In Atlanta I can think of 4 dealers just in the metro area alone. But if you want cheap slow and easy to service go with the DRZ400SM.

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