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dmorga1 08-16-2006 06:52 PM

Re: Plugs Repairs for Motorcycle Tires.
First post!

I always thought it was okay according to my mechanic. I've had plugs that lasted the life of the tire with no apparent ill effects, but I wasn't riding at the limits of the tire, either. How safe do you want to be? Your life may count on the traction of that tire.

stlarson 08-16-2006 08:53 PM

Re: Plugs Repairs for Motorcycle Tires.
On a car, I've had no problems with an occasional plug. Plus with four wheels I feel that if it does blow out, I've got a good chance of avoiding a catastrophe. On a motorcycle, losing 50% of your usable traction, possibly all of your steering, that seems like an unnecessary risk.

If it were me, I'd save the patching for an emergency situation to get me somewhere that could replace the tire. A $100 tire is a lot cheaper than a potential medical and insurance bill.

svtech 08-16-2006 11:07 PM

Re: Plugs Repairs for Motorcycle Tires.
Dunlop's web site (and I'm sure there are others) states that you MAY attempt a patch from the inside in addition to a plug and then lists at least 13 conditions that MUST be met before any such attempt. Any warranty is void and rider assumes all responsibility. I would think that your insurance company would claim "operating with known defective equipment" and deny both liability and coll/comp claims if there were a subsequent accident.

I agree with the above poster. You've got to remove the wheel and dismount the bad tire. Half of the labor is already done.

Replace the tire. Ride safe and use those plugs for locust thorns and such on tractors, mowers, and ATV's.

Steve781 08-16-2006 11:45 PM

Re: Plugs Repairs for Motorcycle Tires.
There are plugs and then there are plugs. I've used these with some success.

They are mushroom type plugs which, with the special tooling, are installed from the outside of the tire. Best I've seen short of pulling the tire and using one of the special patch/plugs that the good shops will install.


Whatmough 08-17-2006 02:20 AM

Re: Plugs Repairs for Motorcycle Tires.
I had a flat from a roofing nail a while back. I luckily was right across from a service station (yes some of those still exsist), when I slowed to a stop. I pulled in asked the guy working there if he had ever put a plug in a MC tire. No he replied and so I said here is your chance. He plugged it and off I went. Now I may be cheap too; but I'm not stupid. I re-tired after a few days as soon as I made it to a MC shop. So it does work; but I wouldn't want to be riding around on it for long.

Rsduce 08-17-2006 03:17 AM

Re: Plugs Repairs for Motorcycle Tires.
If your life is worth less than a new tire, go ahead and ride on the plugged tire.

mikenomad 08-17-2006 03:42 AM

Re: Plugs Repairs for Motorcycle Tires.
As has been said already, it's just not worth the risk repairing a motorcycle tire.

If a tire deflates suddenly and you go down as a result, it's going to cost you WAY more than the cost of a new tire.

NLJ 08-17-2006 03:55 AM

Re: Plugs Repairs for Motorcycle Tires.
I've heard this conversation before on a bulliten board i frequent. One guy who is in Korea pointed out that in Korea using plugs in bike tires is as normal there as using them in car tires here. Although they typically won't use more than one or two plugs. I have never had the need to plug a tire but i think i would probably give it a try. Plus when was the last time you heard of a motorcycle having an actual blowout, or shredding off the rim. I've never seen or talked to someone who had it happen, plugs or no plugs.

The_AirHawk 08-17-2006 04:28 AM

Re: Plugs Repairs for Motorcycle Tires.
I've done it more times than I can count. Center of tread, edge of tread, sidewall - you name it.

Haven't crashed in flames yet (but I may this evening - who knows?). I daresay I worry far, far more about the b!tch yakkin' on the cell in her minivan that narrowly missed me when she ran a stopsign this morning on my way to work.

Or the guy last Friday that decided to push me into the raised concrete median, despite all the honking and yelling alongside him (window-down, and he even hesitated and started to go back into his own lane!). When I finally got next to him at the next light, he was profusely apologetic - but that wouldn't have helped if I were dead, would it now?

Things like that are far more likely to "get me" than any tire plug.

Casey_Daniel 08-17-2006 04:36 AM

Re: Plugs Repairs for Motorcycle Tires.
You know what? I use to feel the same way as everyone else. I would never use a plug that would put my life in danger. I use to go through a set of tires every month and a half with all my spare time when I was single and started buying race take offs. Guess what? I recently got married and had a new to me set of race take offs. I didn't have those things more than 2 days before I got a hole in one. Not having the expendable income or rather being more responsible with my income I put a plug in the tire (center tread back tire). I ended up having to put another plug in the tire before I wore them out. Guess what else? I'm sitting here typing this response. I took the bike up to 120 with no vibration, they never leaked air and I didn't burst into flames. I hear everyone saying not to do it. I'd like to hear a response from someone to whom it actually cause a crash or scary moment. I think it's marketing hype. It depends on the rider. Personally I think my bike starts feeling weird after I lose about 5 lbs, psi and I check my tires. Worst it's going to do is cause a slow leak the you have to refill until you get a new tire or fix it again.

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