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Default Re: Ignition Wires

Does it have second gear? What about cam bearing surfaces? Oh well...
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Default Re: Ignition Wires

Van Johnsons OK I always thought that Van Heflin guy was a fruitcake..
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Default Re: Ignition Wires

Both of 'em were, go figure...Huxleys Hornets, bah...
A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.
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Default Re: Ignition Wires

I'm sure any normal person would come up with Spark plug for a 1980's Honda. Yeah, of course it's all thought up by the staff..

Yup, and I invented radial tires.
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Default Re: Ignition Wires

Here ya go. I also own a V65 among a bunch of others - Here is whay I did.

I went to my Local Honda DLR and purchased some of those NGK universal hard plastic spark plug boots with the correct angle - available are straight, 45 and 90 degree- I then purchased a set of 4 cylinder Sprial wound plugs wires - Accel yellow to stand out. The eng on the ign coil side has what appears to be a wood screw that the wires threades into then the screw on cover goes over than. I did the same thing on the other end and for less that $40.00 I got a real good looking set of wires - No problems at all... Do this and let the V65 live!!!
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Default Re: Ignition Wires

Actually, the first of these were the 750 Magna and Saber models from 1982: the V65 or 1100cc models were added in '83, along with several Interceptor models appearing over the next 3 years or so (VFR750, VFR700, VF1000F, VF1000R, VF1000FkR, etc.). The HD/Reagan Tariff forced Honda to sleeve the V45 engines down to a V42.5, but the V65 bikes continued to be made in Marysville, Ohio from '83 through '86, before the hideous 750 Super Magna appeared in '87. The Honda Magnas appeared before the Maxim and Madura models, as well as the VMax.

As far as top end oil issues went, the V65, V45, V42.5, and V30 engines were all known to have issues getting enough oil to the cams at low rpms, and a fair number of cams were replaced by Honda, The '82 models (the V45 Magnas and Sabers) were particularly prone to maintenance problems, not the least of which was improperly adjusted valves from the new Hamamatsu automated assembly line for the V4 engine, and the '82 bikes were regarded as pariahs. Honda bought back more tahn a few from justifiably irate dealers before the year was out, and IIRC, there were no less than 8 sevice bullitens released detailing such things as the need to use 2 feeler gauges to check clearances.. The Interceptors went to gear driven cams in '86, and as far as I'm concerned, took a step backwards when they dropped them in '02.

As far as the ignition issue that prompted this thread, I'd say check out www.sabmag.org and sign up for the mailing list: there are people on there that have forgotten more about the Honda V4 engines than I'll ever learn. there is also a BBS for the V4 bikes, but I don't frequent it as much as I used to.

Bryan...back to school, Sarnali...
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