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boru4761 05-13-2006 06:12 AM

Re: Which Bike is Like a Camaro Z28?
or maybe an MV Augusta or a Ruckus?

Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum.

nitrofly 05-13-2006 06:36 AM

Re: Which Bike is Like a Camaro Z28?
There can only be one! The 1987 Kawasaki ZX-10. This and the Z28 are soul mates, cast of the same ethos in the fires of fantasy.

stoney8888 05-13-2006 07:35 AM

Re: Which Bike is Like a Camaro Z28?
the new z-28 is very old tec in the handling and the old v-8 is pretty old too, been around forever. So I think in the modern sport car venue it is a little dated. That being said, my 1970 Z-28 was the funnest car to drive and handled amazingly well for a muscle car.

I sold it and bought a ZRX, and they are about the same in the fun factor.

Vlad 05-13-2006 10:53 AM

Re: Which Bike is Like a Camaro Z28?
I have a 5.0 Mustang GT which I may need to sorrowfully part with. It has a raw charm to it. If you are the kind that digs a Z28, then there is no choice but a Buell or a Ducati Monster. They go like stink, have great handling and great brakes. The Japanese bikes are good choices, but none of them has the raw feel of a Duck or a Buell, with the possible exception of the Magna.


jimmihaffa 05-13-2006 12:23 PM

Re: Which Bike is Like a Camaro Z28?
Without a doubt the 1986 Suzuki GV1200 Madura...every bit as impractical, gaudy and utterly brimming with unoriginality of can't go wrong with this as a 2-wheeled stablemate for your Z28.

slopezx 05-13-2006 02:41 PM

Re: Which Bike is Like a Camaro Z28?
My first car in high school was a '68 Camaro Z28. Swaped motors with a friend to a Corvette 327 that went much better (that 302 mill wasn't much fun, and had to be spun above 5 grand to make any power). I drove that Z28 through a complete suspension rebuild, new rearend w/positraction, engine rebuild and new heads, all through college and a move from California to Texas and then BACK again. That car was the best: it looked great, sounded great, went fast and handled OK. It wasn't too bad on long trips, either.

My first motorcycle once out of college was a Bandit 1200s with Holeshot exhaust. Unlike the Camaro, I still have the Bandit. It's stone reliable, easy to maintain, does everything well if nothing great. I've ridden it to the tips of California, to New Mexico for the holidays and terrorize local backroads every weekend. I honestly do think it's my Camaro's 2 wheeled incarnation. It looks great, sounds awesome, goes fast and handles OK. And the miles are easy to rack up. 20,000 and counting...

pplassm 05-13-2006 04:15 PM

Re: Which Bike is Like a Camaro Z28?
I recommend a Kawaski KLX250S. Why not. Makes as much sense as anythign else. It'll be a lot of fun, as well.

Jvliv 05-14-2006 05:03 AM

Re: Which Bike is Like a Camaro Z28?
rbitra, ignore all of the stupid comments about your car, it is a cool car. As far as bikes go, ignore all of the comments about "beginner" bikes. Those are elitest comments from some experienced bikers who think that they are special. Get what ever motorcycle turns you on. Sport bikes all go like hell, but are reasonably practical for day to day use. I think the Yamaha R1 and R6 both look great. My bike is a Triumph Speed Triple. You could call it a middle aged guy's sport bike. I would not recomend it unless you really like it's looks. I can tell you this much, there is nothing like the rush of running a sport bike to redline. Even though a "little" 600cc crotch rocket may sound horrible when it speeds by your car, it sounds great when you are riding it. If you are after performance, anything else will dissapoint you. jvliv

motorsickle 05-14-2006 05:33 AM

Re: Which Bike is Like a Camaro Z28?
The bike you are refering to is the ZRX 1200 or 1100 and it is an excellent bike. Nice handling, lots of attitude, rational seating position and a storge compartment below the seat you can fit a comcorder, a rainsuit or a 1.75 L bottle of jack daniels.

motorsickle 05-14-2006 05:44 AM

Re: Which Bike is Like a Camaro Z28?
I agree with you about the comments about the car. I would suggest going to a bike event like the Americade, Honda hoot, ect.... and do demo rides.

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