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longride 05-12-2006 06:34 AM

Re: Buell XB9S vs. SV650
That is from dumbells like me that keep buying them. I have 2 Shovels now. My buddy also gave me a donor 1973 CB750 for nothing that I am messing with. I think I'm a terminal masochist.

sarnali 05-12-2006 06:35 AM

Re: Buell XB9S vs. SV650
Got you by 1 minute 30 seconds..........

looks like you'll be starting from the second row..

sarnali 05-12-2006 06:38 AM

Re: Buell XB9S vs. SV650
I'd rather have a shovel than an evo myself. I think my TC is way ahead of both of them though.

For the CB750, turn it into a Mad Max cafe` bike and spray can it flat black, it'll look cool.

sarnali 05-12-2006 06:41 AM

Re: Buell XB9S vs. SV650
you forgot to tell him you're going to ***** his wife, teeniewieney

sarnali 05-12-2006 06:46 AM

Re: Buell XB9S vs. SV650
I can fix that with a sledgehammer and a cresent wrench.

sarnali 05-12-2006 06:47 AM

Re: You can't fight in here..
What good is a doomsday bomb if you can't tell anyone you have it?

pencon61 05-12-2006 06:50 AM

Re: Buell XB9S vs. SV650
I say Skip them both and buy a modded TL1000s with a full race exhaust .Waaaaay more fun and much cheaper then either one .

pencon61 05-12-2006 06:56 AM

Re: Buell XB9S vs. SV650
I've got a 97 TL1000s that I wouldn't trade for the Buell , or either SV's . This thing has huge character and sounds incredible with a full yoshimura exhaust .As far as suspension , race tech gold valve and springs in the forks and a Bitubo shock out back . BUells and SV 1000s quake in fear .

pencon61 05-12-2006 07:00 AM

Re: Buell XB9S vs. SV650
You forgot to add the G to Uly.....

longride 05-12-2006 07:06 AM

Re: Buell XB9S vs. SV650
Never had an Evo and probably never will. I love the Shovels. TwinCam is the best for just riding. You must have been reading my mind on the CB. I was looking at a cafe style, bobber, or a mix of the two. Sould come out pretty good.

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