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Default Re: Any experience with Royal Enfields?

So you like that sort of experiences? I wouldn´t be surprised if someone did. If you look at the continuum of different sexual preferences, people must be attracted also to motorbikes from rather different reasons.

- cruiz-euro
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Default Re: Any experience with Royal Enfields?

Get an old Yamaha SR500, visit the Thumper Stuff website, make it look like an Enfield and ride it forever.
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Default Re: Any experience with Royal Enfields?

If I might be so bold...would you consider buying a cheaper, perhaps more reliable bike to ride for a year or two, *then* reward yourself with something you really like? My concern is that everything I've heard about the Enfields says they're, well, how shall I put it,..., unreliable, perhaps? And while I'd like to own one (I like tinkering with gadgets), if I just passed my MSF class I'd want I bike that would run all the time so I could focus on learning to ride, not learning to wrench.

Bryan...just my 2 cents...
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Default Re: Any experience with Royal Enfields?

And a sledgehammer and a greyhound ticket.
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Default Re: Any experience with Royal Enfields?

First, let me clear the decks, I'm not a dealer, just a fan of the little beasts and can't let some of the above comments remain unchallenged. 'Evil triumphs (err...) when good men do nothing'. LIES! Mostly...

Royal Enfield have recently increased their warranty coverage to 12 months/ Unlimited mileage -- a reflection of just how reliable the more recent bikes really are (and in stark contrast to many of the obviously non-owner's comments here.) They even extended it retroactively to existing owners back to the 2004 model year bikes. The website has a public message board (with archives) featuring actual comments and discussion from actual owners and riders. Consider this: most POS product manufacturers probably wouldn't make that available for prospective buyers to see. I'd really like to see H-D or any of the major Asian manufacturers do it. That'd be fun reading.

While they do require simple periodic valve adjustments and inspections, they are not much more maintenance intensive than most other bikes, and this can serve as a point of pride for many of its owners. Personally, I think it's nice to ride something you completely understand and can easily repair on the side of the road if you ever needed to -- using just the tools on the machine. Many women enjoy the bike because they can actually learn to fix it. If you dog had a thumb and could thus hold a tool, he could be easily trained to do it for you. Since they have been agressively attacking all known problem areas on the machine, properly cared for, I dare say they are now about as "Bullet"proof (pun intended) as most bikes these days.

The newer models have an excellent 5 speed transmission, electric (and kick!!! Take THAT technoids!!!) starting; much improved capacity battery and charging systems, and Japanese made handlebar control switch gear. The very latest (the Electra-X) will add gas reservoir style shocks, electronic ignition, modern carb, and a front disc brake, along with Avon Venom tires (tyres?) as standard. It also has a newly designed aluminum cylinder head for better heat dissipation. Still all for under 5 grand.

Yes, the old four speeds were clunky, but that was largely because of poorly spaced ratios and the wonky crossover linkage that put the shifter on the left side for the US. No worse than any pre-Evo H-D though. The new tranny is designed for LH shift and is as good as anything currently on the market. The build and paint quality has improved by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. You really must see one in the flesh to fully appreciate it. The Enfield CEO in India is Western schooled, under 30 (!!!), and is a big stickler for QC improvements and product development. This is a real product now, not some oddity.

The Enfield catalog is also filled with parts and accessories to customize the bike and make it go fast(er) if you really want it to (30 plus hp is readily available for more money - doesn't sound like much, but it nearly doubles the power! Try doing that on a budget with a 'Busa.) Compare it to a Buell Blast, Suzuki Savage (C30?) or anything else in its size, power, and price range -- and just the "cool" factor and reasonably priced gear alone will tip the scales to the RE. It's a great value for the money that can truly become "your" bike with the bits you might want to install to personalize or "kit" it. For these very reasons, it's also a great first bike in my opinion. Why? It's one you're likely to keep even when you might step up to a larger displacement modern machine. It still has "soul", something no other current bike can match. Much better choice than buying or resurrecting a '60's Brit bike (I love 'em, but as transportation rather than "art", they sucked then, they'll still suck now.)

Check out the USA website at http://www.enfieldmotorcycles.com/

and download the owner's manual(s) to see what ownership will require of you. Everything you want to know is there (including their Parts & Accessoires catalog online, and inexpensive Service Manuals that might be worth buying and reviewing prior to making a purchase decision.) Any dealer can ship a bike prepped and ready to ride to your door if there isn't one in your area, and you can then deal with them directly (or through Classic Motorworks, their Distributor) for any needed parts and supplies.

Hope that helps offset some of the RE negativity I saw here. Hated to confuse the issue with facts!
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Default Re: Any experience with Royal Enfields?

Amen. I've got one on my list. Too bad them Injuns don't make the Interceptor too.

Is the 350 that much of a pig vs. the 500? Would like to get one (350) with the TT kit, big carb, high comp. piston and pipe.

Would look swell parked next to the CL. Wonder if you can get one in Whitworth?
A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.
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Default Re: Any experience with Royal Enfields?

After reading all the above posts, I feel like I have just stopped hitting myself in the head with a hammer!
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Default Re: Any experience with Royal Enfields?

Hmm. Looks like responders basically fit two groups:

- the "Wow, how could anyone possibly want a bike that doesn't make 120HP per liter and 180HP at the crank?" (but never ride more than 2,000 miles in a year) crowd

- the sort of people who already own a full set of Whitworth tools and spares (and likely also have filled prescriptions for modern antidepressants)

Having looked at the website, I have to say that I'd at least test ride a 500 Electra X with the paint job shown on the Sixty-5. RE have come a long way in just a few years. Maybe I'd better start looking for a pshrink, or at least some Whitworth wrenches.

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