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Default Re: What would you recommend and why?

Dunno about the Triumph. I looked at one on the floor at Hyde Park Triumph near LAX before I bought the Buell. It was a nice bike, but one look at the motor with all those hoses tubes and what not, jeez, like a plumbers nightmare. Reminds me of the cooling system on a watercooled VW bus motor. A little hose here, another clamp, another little hose with a clamp behind some gizmo you can't reach. Another tiny hose about 3/8th inch long inaccessable by human hands, et al...
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Default Re: What would you recommend and why?

I haven't TT600.org in months, but that website was the fan club of the 4 with lots of technical stuff.

No doubt a naked variation of the Daytona 675 has got to be in the offing. All the bike manufacturers do that - release a cheapie version of their flagship bike after a year or two, just like the Speed 4 was released. However, don't expect a four. I'm sure it will be a 675 three cylinder just no plastic and perhaps cheaper components for around $7k.

I think Triumph don't want to spend the money to compete head-to-head with the Japs with 600-4s and it's just way too expensive to keep a separate 4 cylinder product line going for so few sales. Too bad, what a great little bike. "Now three is greater than four", says the ad copy- that burns.
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Default Re: What would you recommend and why?

Thanks for the thoughtful feed back everyone.


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Default Re: What would you recommend and why?

Have you heard anyhting on a new touring bike or is the ST it? I heard that they were going to base something off of the rocket's motor, but if the do that, it seems it would be a cruiser styled bike.

I really liked the Trophy and if it wasn't for a scamming saleshole three years ago I would have one currently.
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Default Re: What would you recommend and why?

I'd go with the speed four, while my experience with naked triumphs is with a speed triple, they have really nice suspension and brakes, esentialy the speed four is a striped tt600 sport bike, which allthough it did not fair well against the jap 600 supersports it's a great bike, just not quite on par with the latest cutting edge from the big four.

Unlike the speed four the others really cut corners on suspension, brakes and components in general. just get a conversion kit for the clip ons to real handlebars. I think I saw an article about it on this site. believe it is Gabe's bike. I bet you won't be disapointed.

I believe the speed can be had for far less than the 599 (bad exchange rate or something) 2005 s4 retailed for $6499 honda goes for $7399 (suzuki is just under 6000)
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