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Default Re: Insurance advise

jh I don't have anything constructive insurancewise, but I would like to say that I am glad you are here to solicit advice .
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Default Re: Insurance advise

Thanks for your kind words
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Default Re: Insurance Advice

In many states and under many policies, you could be entitled to not only ACV of the bike, but the tax for purchasing a new one. Check your policy language - if it pays cost to replace, it probably includes paying you the tax on the ACV.
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Default Re: Insurance Advice

A bit of general advice... if you deal directly with the insurance carrier of an "at fault party" they'll often offer you a very low-ball "get your money right now" deal.

They may even call it a "partial" settlement make vague promises about more $$$ to come later once everything settles out.

Don't fall for it. They're just trying to take advantage of people who are either desperate or foolish.

Don't cash any checks or sign anything until you have a full agreement on what the final settlement will be.
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Default Re: Insurance Advice

Not that it's much help to you, but I had a similar situation this summer, I wound up getting knocked off and tumbling down I-5 in an accident caused by an uninsured kid, driving on a suspended license. My Trophy was totaled but I was very fortunate and I was geared up. I got off with a sprained back, elbow the size of a grapefruit and bruising on my shoulder and hand from bouncing/sliding down the road.

State Farm, my insurer initially low-balled the bike based on mileage, however after I did some research as to trade-in and retail values, pointed out that I had reciepts for the new chain and sprockets, tires. That the bike had a factory trunk and Corbin leather seat, bar risers and was in showroom condition despite the miles we were able to reach a fair market price for the bike. This of course wasn't the price I paid for it, but was the realistic price I would expect to sell it for. They also covered all my medical bills for the emergancy room, x-rays, ambulance ride etc. and even refunded my $500. deductable because it was an un-insured motorist.

All in all a very favorable outcome considering. My advice would be to get some good figures on what the bike is worth on the market, any costs you incurred for medical or towing and be calm and patient. Get your facts straight and write down the names and titles of anyone you talk to, be polite and firm without being obstinant and just work your way through it. In the end it'll work in your favor. The biggest thing is that your alive and up walking around, it could have been a lot worse.
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Default Re: Insurance Advice

Geez, I had a similar experience a few years ago. More injuries on me than the bike. What the insurance agent said is valid in most states (I was an Agent with GEICO, yes they do have agents, for about 10 years). Hopefully some witnesses hung around to say what happened, that saved my a$$, financially that is. Your collision coverage may (or may not) have a lower deductible than your Uninsured Idiot coverage. Probably will be able to pay more as well (most folks are woefully underinsured in UM Property Damage). If they use collision instead of UM, no worries, same thing as far as the underwriters/actuaries are concerned. Good luck, and if the insurance company starts to jerk you around, don't forget that you have some sort of Insurance Commissioner. They can get insuracne companies to act right, in most states anyway. Also, if the accident report states that witnesses said you were not at fault it should not affect your premiums at all, so replace the bike with what you want and don't worry about it! Above all, ask your agent and the claims folks all the questions you want, that is what they are paid for!!
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Default Re: Insurance advise

Why are you surprised? I have been hit two times where the at fault driver fled. And even with a witness durting one accident and the guilty party's license number the insurance carrier refused to pay. Said I staged the accident. The guy that hit me was an uninsured illegal alien. Oh, and the police let him go and no charges pending despite no insurance. The prejudice against motorcyclists in America is mind boggling.

Let me give all of you the best advice possible. GROW YOUR BALLS BACK AND GO TO YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS AND PROTEST!!! ALL legislators are owned by big corporations. In Europe people have far better protection and far better courts. Oh, I had to sue my insurance carrier for them to pay my bills. I guess another frivelous lawsuit in their eyes. And if you are hit and the vehicle flees, the motorcyclist is held accountable. The insurance carriers always say we dumped the bike and lied.
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