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RichardCranium 02-08-2001 01:22 PM

Re: Sticky Rich Oliver
don't tell me I'm the only one goofing off

I_Registered_You_Asses 02-08-2001 03:15 PM

Re: Sticky Rich Oliver
If you want to read a review of the FZ-1 by a REAL online big mag, go here

Yeah, I registered. Now buzz off and go read some real journalism at the above link.

redvtr 02-08-2001 04:46 PM

Re: Sticky Rich Oliver

MoMo 02-09-2001 01:39 AM

RichardCranium! haha
that is by far the best screen name ever. i must congratulat you.

ducatirdr 02-09-2001 04:15 AM

Re: Sticky Rich Oliver
Someone at MO help him with the site. The effects opening the page are so lame. The site is in need of professional help. I hope they didn't pay someone to come up with that.

stevegrab 02-09-2001 06:47 AM

Re: Sticky Rich Oliver
Let me get this straight, he's got a new sponsor which is a company that he and his wife started (and presumably run). Sounds like a strange arrangement to me.

I'm not knocking Rich Oliver, in fact I think he is a very talented racer, one of the best on a 250GP bike.

CYCLE_MONKEY 02-09-2001 09:46 AM

Re: RichardCranium! haha
Better than Harold Sphincter?

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