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Default Re: SV and Seca info Update

For lots of laughs type in Scamoramma and let

Google do the walking. You will find lots of info on the boys from Lagos. GREAT entertainment.
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Default Re: SV and Seca info?

I had a 93 Seca for awhile that I bought for my wife. The bike was fine. Power is enough to keep out of the way of traffic if you wind it out and handling is fine for what it is. The only gripe I had was concerning the availablility of parts. I first heard the following joke while I had the Seca -

They have finally found a cure for AIDS. They gave it a Yamaha part number and now nobody can get it.
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Default Re: SV and Seca info?

I bought a leftover 92 seca in 93 mainly for the cheap price. Although the bike had some peculiar looks at different angles, it did have a certain appeal. I rode the bike after a 5 year hiatus from riding and found it to be useful for brushing the rust off. I kept it 3 years and 20k miles and it never broke once and i found that the more i rode it the more i rode it hard! I even somewhat mutilated the air intake snorkel so i could hear the intake honk and once rode it around without the mufflers for added excitement. It was pretty comfortable for me . I am 6-1 and over 200. Best I remember it had an odd sized rear tire so the selection was small.

I outgrew the bike quickly. I would suggest a 600 bandit, SV, Even an EX 500 ninja as better performers that are fairly inexpensive because even though the seca is reliable as an anvil, it exudes cheapness at a distance.

The price difference will be worth it. Good luck and have fun.
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Default Re: SV and Seca info?

Very good point.. A sense of humour or an interest in masochism is very-much needed. Before getting into bikes I was into roadsters. I had a 61 MGA and a 59 TR3. A common riddle heard in Brit-car circles is "Why do the English drink warm beer?" "Because they have Lucas Refrigerators" (Lucas is the manufacturer of brit-car electrics)

All that said.. a co-worker just bought a brand-new Ural. It's the 2 wheel drive version w/ a side car, camo paint and even a gun mount. I'll be dammed if I don;t like it.... It's about as modern as granite- but still... it just looks cool. Of course- he paid almost as much for the Ural as I spent on my FJR. There's something to be said about retro-cycling...
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Default Ooh, ooh, my turn!

I once knew a girl whose street ride (and only vehicle) was a 929. She raced a Seca II. Nothing ever broke. Ever. It smoked on deceleration, and the race-masters told her that they used to have a Seca Challenge spec class in the mid-90s. Back then, they would red-flag you if you *didn't* smoke on decel. Then she stepped up to an SV and had nothing but problems with it; FI glitches and a frame crack at the shock eye being the most entertaining.

So, no, the Seca isn't the highest-zoot used scoot (hey, it rhymes!). But it should get you home. And if you can upgrade the front brake setup, and forget your self-preservation, you can outbrake some supermotards...I've seen it done.

--This comment was performed on a closed course by a trained professional. Do not attempt to comment on your own.--
Headlight Fluid?! How dumb does he think I am? When I get back to base with that Elbow Grease, I'm gonna have a talk with the Sarge.
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Default Re: Ooh, ooh, my turn!

Damn! I love that last line! Can I use it?

Mongo just pawn in game of life.
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Default Re: SV and Seca info?

Why not look into an FZR 600, or YZF 600? As old school bikes go, I've been wanting one of those forever. You said this will be a 2nd bike, what's your first bike?
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Default Re: SV and Seca info?

When I reentered motorcycling in the early 90s after a haitus of five years, I bought a Seca II. No, I didn't ride it hard. But I found it to be a great bike for me. Low seat, sufficient power, decent handling, light weight. It is also a very comfortable bike for long distances (at least for me). Nothing ever went wrong with it. It's great fun on a narrow, winding, two lane road. I know because I did the lower half of the Blue Ridge Parkway on it. Two years later, I stepped up to a Ducati monster 750. If the bike is in good shape, I'd go for it. The SV is a better machine, of course, but they are often beaten on.

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