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Default Re: Road Essentials

A hot chick.
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Default Re: Road Essentials

My wife and I did a 1500 mile loop from SLC to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley last spring.

If you are going to high altitiudes make sure you have warm gear in addition to rain gear. Aside from that all we took was a couple changes of clothes, toiletries and a digital camera. We did it with a tank bag, my old leather saddlebags and a small trunk. Staying in motels makes it so much easier than trying to carry camping gear. I have no idea why people think they need all that crap you find on a Gold Wing, UltrGlide, or K1200LT. May as well take an Accord.

The day I think I need all that crap is the day to pick up a shovel and start digging me new accomodations.
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Default Re: Road Essentials

All of the above, plus J-B Weld & a credit card with a high limit.
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Default A crampbuster or some such device

A throttle paddle is essential for me, as I get severe cramping in my wrist after about an hour of freeway droning. Great thing to have, especially for $11.

Gabe Ets-Hokin

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Default Re: A crampbuster or some such device

I'm not sure I get it. How does that thing work and help?
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Default Re: Road Essentials

1) Good rain Gear is the most important piece to making sure you enjoy any day riding regardless of the weather

2) Windscreen if you are doing anything over 180 Miles on Cruiser.

3) I like the t-bag/SAC luggage for packing better then saddle bags. Easy to Pack, move off bike in hotel rooms and a lot of strategic packing. Plus some of them work well as a backrest.

Anything else all depends on yourself. I do a few trips every summer doing 450 to 600 Mile days in comfort never using any of the extra but padding, camel backs, etc. just the bike and the road.

(I haven't tried this yet but it looks like it would be nice to be able to relax your right hand on if you are doig 100 - 200 miles between stops.

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Default Re: Road Essentials

No doubt, your first stop should be www.aerostich.com You will find a lot there.

Good clothes (I have the Darien Jacket and Pants) greatly enhance comfort all day in the weather. Throttle Rocker, Crampbuster or a nice Kuryaken throttle lock make the long miles a breeze on your wrist. The throttle rocker/crampbuster type lets you use the heel of your hand to hold the throttle open so you can relax your grip. I am never without mine.

I also agree that a cell phone and a credit card will get you through most of the unfortunate problems. A tire plugger repair kit is easy to pack and has gotten me home too.

Stopping every so often to rehydrate and stretch is probably the best touring advice I have found. Helps that my Vmax needs fuel a little more often than most.

Other than that, I have a a 2-way radio in my helmet that also connects to a pocket stereo that I wouldn't travel without. Makes the miles so much more enjoyable.

paul from Minnesota
paul from Minnesota
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Default Re: Road Essentials

All good suggestions, I would emphasize if you know how to use a tire plugger then buy one at Walmart and pack it, this has saved me twice. Also don't take your whole wallet with the dept store credit cards, business cards from people you met in a bar 20 years ago, etc...yank out just your driver's license, insurance card, and the credit card you are going to use for the trip leave the rest. cheers
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Default A lot of good replies above, but... here are some more

Selected items I think are very important from above plus a couple of tips I use.

1. Mini roll of Duct Tape, when they say a 1,000 and one uses they really mean it.

2. Leatherman's tool, another item that has 1,000 uses and you can wear it.

3. Small pen light, I keep a small one on the end of my Jacket zipper tang, you can always find it when you need it and you never ever forget it.

4. Phone number to your insurance and or road side assitance number.

5. Spare key in the wallet, doesn't do any good if it's locked in your bike saddle bag or under the seat.

6. Make sure you have a list of friends / relatives phone numbers in wallet, your cell phone might get wet and be toast.

7. Small zip lock freezer storage bags, a couple of these can be really handy to make sure something stays dry that needs to stay dry like your cell phone.

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Default Re: Road Essentials

GPS is very handy and will give you confidence to take the road less traveled. Also, attach any emergency medical information to your body where it can readily be spotted and reviewed. Put notification info in your Contacts file on your cell phone.
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