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Default Re: Fixing the fizz in an FZ6

I'll back you up on that one, I had 3 friends with those. They make one mighty fine street bike.
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Default Re: Fixing the fizz in an FZ6

You want guttless, ride an R6 below 7000. The FZ6 has way more torque, something like 7 more ft/lbs up to that point. FI is a little snatchy with the on/off transition compared to the R6, but still better than my main ride 94 yami gts1000 with FI. Guess I'm just used to it. The FZ6 is my wife's bike. If you like torque and power w/o reving it a lot, buy a big inch cruiser or a 1000+cc bike, 600cc fours just are not going to cut it, period. I rode a Breva 750 when I was looking for a new bike to suprise her with for her birthday. Pretty bike but really gutless, my wife's 1982 KZ440 that the FZ6 replaced was faster and quicker. Same with the FZ6, a top gear roll on on the fZ6 results in way more go than than the Breva even if you downshift on the Breva once or twice which then runs into the rev limit very quickly. In general, all inline fours are a little buzzy at some point, the fZ6 smooths out considerably with a few thousand miles on the odo. Featurewise for the price, there isn't really anything out there that can beat the FZ6, or that can beat it for flat out speed. Some people are more sensitive to vibs and if they bother you, you will have to look elsewhere. The most balanced review of the FZ6 after riding one quite a bit is in MCN, motorcycle consumer news.
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Default Re: Fixing the fizz in an FZ6

Hear, hear! FZ6 is an excellent commuter bike, only problem I've had with mine in over 21k miles is a flaky throttle position sensor (which I need to get fixed.........)

Vibration from mine is in the "annoying" range from about 5k rpm through about 6.2k, and only through the pegs. I haven't noticed vibration problems anywhere else. Shift up or twist the throttle harder, it goes away.

Sounds like several have already condemned it. If that's the way one feels about a bike, then that bike is not for you. I feel that way about several motorcycles, don't own 'em either.

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Default Re: Fixing the fizz in an FZ6

Not a Victim!
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Default Re: Fixing the fizz in an FZ6

If you're looking for a comfortable bike that still has some sporting prowess, I'd take a look at Yamaha's red-headed step child, the YZF600R. The YZF600R has more torque and horsepower than the FZ6 or R6 below 10,000 rpm's, it's about the same price as the FZ6, less buzzy, and has a pretty comfy riding position for long hauls. It's won top honors for being the best middleweight streetbike and it has been compared to the Honda VFR800 but with a cheaper price tag. My brother has an FZ6 and despite it's comfortable riding position it does have a horrible engine for street riding, and the vibes kill my brothers hands on 1 hour + rides. The older European Fazer 600 was a MUCH better all-around street bike, unfortunatley Yamaha decided not to bring it across the pond. Good luck shopping for the "perfect ride", there's lot's of good choices out there.
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