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Default Re: Buying a Motorcycle IV - Applied Theory

I paid 6500 OTD for my 05 650 VStrom...no fuss, no muss. I thought that was more than a fair price, so I would agree w/Vlad.

It's definitely a great bike...for they person who can only have one bike in the garage, but needs to do anything and everything with it, you can't be the "wee"Strom.

Get the 05...I'm not sold on the red, either...
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Default Re: Buying a Motorcycle IV - Applied Theory

If you want to know what the invoice cost of almost any Japanese bike is, multiply the suggested retail X 0.83 and add $ 150 freight. This will give you a very accurate figure from which to deal from. Specifically, in Suzuki's case, those figures are 100% accurate. Suzuki also pays their dealers $ 40-50 to assemble the bikes. Most dealers have separate profits centers in their service dept. and new bike sales. If a dealer adds from $50 to $ 75 to assemble the bike, that is not unreasonable. Suzuki has already charged the dealer for transportation charges. If a dealer charges you for freight, it is completely bogus. Suzuki (as most Japanese manufacturers) have a 3% holdback the dealers get later in the year. Forget about negotiating using that figure. Most dealers use it to pay for advertising or lining the owner's pockets. Deal from the invoice cost. If a dealer says your number's are out of line and they make far less (typical), ask them to produce the original invoice (not a convenient copy made in their shop). Any charges for paperwork, handling, etc. are pure crap. Ask for an out the door price that is based on invoice cost plus tax, tag & title with no addtional charges. I typically tell a dealer if he'll sell me a bike for invoice plus $ 500 profit plus tax, tag, and title I'll buy from him without looking elsewhere. I've already been guaranteed an out the door price on an '06 GSXR-750 for $ 9800 based on a 6% sales tax. You can negotiate even high-demand models for a very reasonable price if you are willing to stand your ground and shop around. Hope this helps. Cheers, Jack
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Default Re: Buying a Motorcycle IV - Applied Theory

I purchased an '05 DL650 back in Jan. in the greater Denver market....higher markup $$$ area. My OTD price was the MSRP asking price. It did not matter to me how the dealer worked it out. I found my own financing and went shopping. The fourth dealer met by offer. Had to wait a month for delivery.

Went back to a dealer who would not budge on full markup. Purchased a $17.00 tank pad there. Met with the Sales Manager to prove it could be done. The bike his salesman showed me was still on the floor a month later!
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Default Re: Buying a Motorcycle IV - Applied Theory

One thing you could do, since you are in Jersey, is wait for the winter , when there is snow on the streets the dealers will be more inclined to deal some great prices on the stock they have sitting on the floor, in the mean time you can get your finances set up, so when you walk in, you will have cash in hand, that does wonders!

Whaever you do, do not buy the extended warranty, that is the worst deal in motorcycledom. Good luck.
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Default Re: Buying a Motorcycle IV - Applied Theory

They marked up the "MSRP" to make their price look even better.

I think your answer is right there...
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