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Default Re: General Opinions And Thoughts

I think the fuel mileage penalty with the Superhawk might scare me away vs. the Buell.

The fuel light on my MV goes on right at 100 miles. Even if I have half a tank I always need to be aware of where the next gas station is.
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Default Re: General Opinions And Thoughts

I should mention that I do have a motorcycle racing course under my belt so handling a big bike is not a problem I've owned fast bikes before including a short ownership of a CBR 900 .I live just about an hour north of Toronto,Canada here and there are some great twisty roads up this way as well.I'm very surprised I have heard no mention of the CBR1000 here yet.I tried a VTR1000 out on a dealer ride about 5 summers ago and I really liked it although the looks didn't really do anything for me at all and I really wanted to try out a VFR but never got the chance but there is a manufacturer show comming up soon in Toronto on the first weekend of December so at least I will be able to try out the different models of bikes.I recently visited an Aprillia dealership in Toronto to take a look at that bike as well but HOLLY STICKER SHOCK on that bike.But Honda does have several different choices and with the discount I get it brings an RC51 out to the same price as an FZ1 and they are both great bikes from what I've been reading on the net and in the cycle magazines.I've got a long time to make up my mind are the research is still going on and it's great to hear your opinions
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Default Re: General Opinions And Thoughts

I agree with many of the MOrons.

Superhawk is probably your bike. Honda has quality products (usually!) and why not get the discount if you can?

VFR has V-Tech wizardry that you may or may not like. Cheers and Jeers appear to be split on that. Not sure if the Hawk has linked brakes or not. I for one like 'em independent, but to each his own.

Bottom line, great entry into sporting territority with a nice torque curve that will get you places in a hurry. Suspension and handling is on par with VFR and you can probably get Heli bars or something similar if you want to improve ergonomics.

VFR and 919 are also great bikes and would probably meet your needs, but the Hawk has major bang for the buck factor...especially at a discount and given the fact that it is your first foray into sportbikes vs. cruisers.

Good luck! Let us know what you do.
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Default Re: General Opinions And Thoughts

Harleyfied: You are never too told to get a sportbike. However with that being said, why not keep the Fat Boy for the cruiser days and get a used RC51 for the fast days? That is if the insurance on the Fat Boy is reasonable.

The other alternates would be a nice used Honda XX Blackbird (or a new leftover if you can find one since you are a Honda employee) or a new employee discount VFR.

Next on the list though not as fast in a straight line would be the new Buell Lightning 12S Long. Great torque and nice ergos. Handles very well without being a total rack.
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Default Re: General Opinions And Thoughts

You owe it to yourself to take a look/ride at the various offerings from BMW. You may find them just right coming off pure cruisers -- not as aggressive as race replicas, but far more comfortable, and the performance they offer is ideal for the streets of the real world. Some of the new models (K1200S and R) offer more performance than ever before.
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Default Re: General Opinions And Thoughts

Kaw 1200, Honda 919, 1200 Bandit, 1150 Speed Triple, kick 95% of the want to be's butts on their sports bikes, Throw a couple of bags (hard or soft) on any of these and your dream comes true. Being 46 myself, I understand your pain. Broke tib/fib in Feb this year on my old 85 FJ1100. Go standard and you'll be happy.

FZ1 is supposed to be a high RPM bike. If you putt around.....Fatboy style......you may not want it unless you are changing your riding to a bit more agressive.

The 1200 Kaw and the Bandit are the best stds to ride at a normal pace. They'll both haul when called upon also.
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Default Re: General Opinions And Thoughts

I agree, great bikes. Currently my only bike is a k2100RS. BUT.....:

Their Dealer network stinks outside metro areas. I live in god's country WV, the nearest dealer is 90 miles away. Currently there are NO dealers in my state.

Parts and service are stupidly expensive. This is by far the most expensive bike to maintain that I have ever owned.

New prices are similar to HD, but unlike HD, Beemers don't maintain their value. I got my y2k with 5000 miles on it for just a little more than half the new price. Picked it up early in 04. I could have bought a new Japanese bike for the same price.

Don't misunderstand, I love the bike, there are just other considerations to take into account.
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Default Yes, you should have.

Well, I guess the fact that you've got some seat time on sport bikes might change the suggestions a bit.

But since you've implied that this will be your only bike (will it be?), I would still be a little leery of the RC. The ergos may cause a problem and the fuel range is a bit lacking. But maybe go for a test fitting. Sit on the bike with someone holding it straight and get both feet up on the pegs to get an idea of how it feels. Try to stay there for a few minutes, even if people think you're a dork--and they probably will.

I like the Superhawk, too, but the fuel range is really, really bad from what I hear. I guess it depends on how important it is to you.

I have no experience whatsoever with the CBR1000RR. Everyone claims it's the friendliest soul in the in newest group of uberbikes, but I haven't heard many good things about the ergos. I think it's fairly cramped. Plus, with the competition in the class, it sort of gets lost as the nice-but-tame wallflower. Kind of a shame, actually. I don't love the looks, though. I also like the suggestion of a 954.

Take a closer look at a Daytona 955i; you'll probably even be able to get a test ride. It's comfortable for longer hauls (although you may have to replace the seat; mine started off bad but has broken in well). You'll also probably be able to get a real good deal on a leftover. Maybe a ZX-9? Comfy and fast.

I like the Buell XBs, too, but I'm guessing that's not what you're looking for.

Ah, hell. There are so many good ones out there--faired, naked, standard, etc.--you're bound to be happy with whatever you pick. Good luck trying to decide.
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Default Re: General Opinions And Thoughts

I've owned an 03 FZ1 for the past two years, it's a bit on the heavy side but handles very good considering, the motor has just enough punch to keep it interesting. It is a very good touring bike, I've done 500 mile days without any soreness at all. The engine is proven and bulletproof. You can't go wrong with this bike and the 06 should be even better handling and quicker. But an 05 R1 sure does look pretty going down the street, there's the compromise.
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Default Re: General Opinions And Thoughts

I would love to have a Beemer one day, but I find it pretty incredible that they really don't have many dealers around the Chicago area. I'm not used to driving 40 miles just to look at the bikes.
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