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Default Re: How to Tame the Pacific Northwest.

Not in Oregon but we get plenty of cool foggy mornings in NorCal... I'll toss in a plug for Fog City visor inserts.
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Default Re: Thanks All

I live in Seattle. I have a one piece Aerostich AND a V-Strom. The combo makes for good all-weather riding. But in colder temps-below 40-a heated vest and heated grips make the difference between cold or comfy. Heated grips are an extra addition for the Strom. The Strom also usually needs a new windscreen to reduce buffeting and a power commander to get the fuel injection to work right. But really any bike is OK.
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Default Re: Thanks All

I never use a rain suit just my 10 year old two piece Aerostich. I think the two piece is a little better at preventing crotch leak through that many Aerostich owners complain about. Also when the weather is a little nicer, I just use the top with a pair of the Aerostich Arborwear Jeans. The 'Stich is roomy enough to put an electric vest under which is important as it has no insulation of it's own.

I also have a 650 V-Strom that works very well in the city and the mountains. I have a taller windshield from Cee Baileys that I use in colder weather or for touring but use the stock shield in warmer weather. The Strom can be equiped with luggage racks and engine guards that you can order via www.twistedthrottle.com
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Default Re: Thanks All

I've had my 'stitch for 6 years, get one and you'll never regret it. The Strom 650 would be a great choice as well; you could explore the full range of roads in the area. The latest Road Runner Mag has a good real-world piece on riding in Oregon (lots of rain), the guy is on a 650. I've been riding here in Portland for 9 years and I'm still finding new MC Roads. Rob
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