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Default Re: But officer, it didn't FEEL like I was going 98 mph

I don't know the specifics about the traffic during your incident, but I doubt you were really doing anything wrong. I commute every day via FZ1 down the highway, and I can't stand to go less than 80. When I drive the wife's car, it's like I have taken sleeping pills and I don't want to go any faster than 80. So what it comes down to is that a lot of car-bound cops have no concept of what the capabilities of a modern motorcycle are. Of course they think you are a reckless maniac when all of their experiences are in 4 wheeled slugs. You say you were so stupid for going 98 or whatever it was, but honestly were you thinking that you were about to get into an accident before the cops caught you? Was your butthole clenched up because you sensed major pain was inescapable due to your actions? I doubt it.

Basically, cops are as$holes. That's what it comes down to (think I've gotten a ticket before?).
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Default Re: But officer, it didn't FEEL like I was going 98 mph

All Cops are not assholes. Most Cops are not assholes. I've been nabbed twice. once i got a ticket for 88 in a 65 (real speed about 95) the other time i was running about 80 in a 55. The guy let me off. I have been stopped many times with nothing more than a warning, but if I get a ticket - well, I earned it. I don't think there is anything wrong with asking them to lower the speed in court. this is often done in my state. I think you did the right thing by being curteous and respectful. you may have helped yourself more than you know. For what it's worth, 100 MPH on the right bike under the right conditions is not nessecarily reckless or dangerous, but in every state but Montana it is illegal. Believe me, I feel your pain. Incidentally, I've only gotten 1 ticket on a motorcycle, and 2 in cars. I've probably been pulled over a dozen times. Good luck

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Default Re: But officer, it didn't FEEL like I was going 98 mph

Amen, what cant catch you cant kill you is my mantra.
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Default Re: But officer, it didn't FEEL like I was going 98 mph

Get a lawyer and get the infraction reduced to 'defective equipment', It can and is done in Missouri. No points, no problem with the insurance. Whatever the combined cost of the lawyer and the fines, it will be worth it in keeping your insurance and point total low. BTW, kudos to you for your demeanor with the LEOs (law enforement officers). This goes a long way in keeping your fine low and helps your attorney get it pled as 'defective equipment' or whatever
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Default Re: But officer, it didn't FEEL like I was going 98 mph

<blockquote>Liberatarians and conservatives have to make our stand here. It's the last place for us on Earth.</blockquote>


<blockquote>Since you lefties are such self-proclaimed geniuses, you should prosper anywhere, right?</blockquote>

Read between the lines.

When 40% of your population still believe in a rebranded version of Creationism, despite the ability to *watch evolution happening in real time* with short-lived species ... no one is surprised that conservatives are left clinging in the US. Everyone else got a decent education a long time ago and changed their beliefs to fit the facts, not the other way around. Do some research on how many Europeans or Canadians still believe in Creationism (<10%) and you will see the glaring difference between those countries and the US. There is even a measureable percentage of people in the US who still think the Earth is flat. That's something to be proud of, that is, in an age of round the world flights.

This is the power base that put Dubya into the White House, and confusing those misguided relics of 1850s Puritanism with modern, educated conservatives is a gross injustice. The rest of the world are waiting for people like McCain, Powell, etc. to take back the GOP - the party that freed the slaves - from the redneck, fundamentalist yahoos that currently run the show. Dubya's crew is the furthest thing from 'conservative' that you can find. In fact, I challenge you to find something they are actually conserving!
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