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Default Re: A less than complete oil change

My Triumphs take 4 qts. per change. The Victory V92 engines take 6 qts (dry fill), and at least 5 qts. for an oil and filter change.
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Default Re: A less than complete oil change

More like 59hp at the wheel, but they're fun all the same. It usually takes different carbs, and individual filters, to get anywhere near 70hp on the new Triumph twins. The Wiseco pistons are also good for an extra 5 or 10.
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Default Re: A less than complete oil change

Contact blackstone lab http://www.blackstone-labs.com/ to get a sample kit and send a bit of the oil for analysis. You can tell a lot about a motor's condition w/o having to take it apart. It's only 20 bucks and is a good thing to do for all your internal combustion toys even if you haven't run it w/o oil. The results, if troubling, will be something concrete to bring to the dealer when negotiating a settlement.

Either that or use slick50 b/c you don't have to use oil when you got some of that stuff in sloshing around the ol crankcase. Saw it on tv once so it must be true.

And kudos to you for disclosing that sorta thing to a prospective buyer...
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