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Default Re: Aftermarket ABS

Another idea for inexpensive anti-lock brakes:

Lace old Bultaco Bandito hubs and brake assemblies on the wheels of your new bike.

Sure to be "anti-lock". "Anti-stop" even.
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Default Re: Aftermarket ABS

In that case, any Brit bike from fifties and sixties will do. I have a '58 AJS with brakes that are lock proof.

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Default Re: Aftermarket ABS

Yes like any brakes the ABS brakes also need some friction to stop.

Another thing that creates false sense of security is 4WD. Accelerates nicely and keeps the slippery conditions invisible to the driver - until its time to stop. Never buy a 4WD unless you have concrete progress-in-snow etc. issues.

- cruiz-euro
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