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Default Re: MOron Sport Tire opinions wanted

Two sets of wheels, lol, absolutely. You don't wear the same shoes to work that you would to church, would you? Use one set for your sticky "Sunday Best" tires and the other set for a good sport touring tire for commuting.
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Default MOron Sport Tire opinions wanted

Asking this crowd for opinions on tires is gonna get almost as many posts as, well, any news item having to do with Buells.

I'm running Michelin Pilot Roads on one bike and (mainly because there seemed to be some logic in putting German tires on an R11S) Metzeler Sportec M1's on the other.

The Pilot Roads, despite being a "road" tire seem waay more sticky to me than the OEM Dunlops (D207's, I think) that the bike came with. After 3300 miles, including a track day, they still have wear left too although I am notoriously easy on equipment. Steering is solid and the front always seems planted although at my max speeds, why not?

I like the Pilot Roads a lot and recommend them.

The Sportecs seem to wear better than the Pilot Roads. I took the Beemer to California this summer and the M1's don't appear worn after 3500 miles! Hey, I'm not THAT easy on the equipment. Maybe it's just me but they don't seem to have as much grip as the Pilots, either although any slippage is easily controlled.

One tire I would not necessarily recommend is Metzeler's Z4. I put these on my CBR1000F a couple of years ago and the front became fairly slow-steering due to the round front tire profile. Some bikes come with these from the factory (Yamaha FZ1, SV650 used to) and maybe these bikes aren't affected as much. But I'd check out the front tire profile of the OEM F4i and try to replicate it on your next set.
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Default Re: MOron Sport Tire opinions wanted

Metzler has a new "Sport/Touring" tire. The Roadtec Z6 thats seems to be a replacement for the Z4.


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Default Re: MOron Sport Tire opinions wanted

Why stop at two sets of wheels? Keep the F4 for the twisties and get another bike for commuting duty. If you get a used bike that does not depreciate, like a Hawk, a Sportster, or an early SV650, it may be cheaper than the wheels, and you don't have to swap them. Plus, it will be more comfortable on the freeway, and switching bikes will make you a better rider.

OK, that's not a sport tire opinion but even if you find the best compromise, it is still a compromise.
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Default Re: MOron Sport Tire opinions wanted

The following is based off of the experiences of myself, my close friends, and my co-workers:

Dunlop (D207/D20 = Heavy carcas (pick up a 180/55 Dunlop and Michelin at the same time)- that equates directly to more centripetal force which causes slower breaking, slower turning, and slower acceleration; Uninspiring; Average tread life; Average heat up time.

Michelin (Pilot Power) = Supposed to serve up incredible stickiness without sacrificing tire life- the incredible stickiness seems to hold more truth than the claim of longevity (keeping in mind that , generally, Duc 748's [a twin] will eat tires faster than F4i's [an inline four]); Above average heat up time.

Metzeler (Sportec M1) = Good grip; great heat up time; decent tread life for most, although not as long-lasting as a harder-compound tire; cheaper than a Diablo. [This is my second choice.]

Pirelli (Diablo Corsa) = Best experiences all around- Great heat up time; good tread wear (on a Mille R no less!) and very sticky- very inspiring. [This is my choice in tires!]

Pirelli (Dragons) = Very uninspiring; horrible wet-weather tire; disappointing even after extended warm-up time.

Bridgestone (BT 10/14's) =Despite the slightly lighter carcas, I think I'd rather have a D207.

Go to a shop that sells and stocks tires and feel the stickiness of the tires by rubbing your thumb along the tread. Even when cold, you can tell which tires offer more stick and which offer less. This doesn't give any insight into tread life, but it doesn't necessarily mean the softest will wear fastest either. The Sportec M1 and Diablo (Street and/or Corsa) offer the best grip and heat up times, but still manage to last longer than many lesser tires.

Always remember that there is a scrub-in period after getting new rubber- ride gingerly for at least 100 miles.

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Default Re: MOron Sport Tire opinions wanted

On a Buell M2 Cyclone, the D208's just are not as sticky and do not wear as well as the previously mounted Pirelli Diablo's. Next change, Diablo's, with the Corsa version if they make it for My 170 rear size by then. The Pirelli Diablos lasted for about 6000 miles, the D208's were showing much wear by 4000.
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Default Re: MOron Sport Tire opinions wanted

I can't say that they'd be great on your CBR, but when I switched from the OEM to Continental Road Attacks on my FZ1 I found it be more responsive. Felt like a softer grippier tire, but I also took it out on a 2000 mile tour and it showed little or no wear.
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Default Cycletires.com dude.

Hello. 75 bucks will get you a black rear tire in any compound you want from Full Race, to sport, to sport-touring, to touring.

The sport compound is softer than any I've seen. I've got 4000 miles on it, and I'll be suprised if I don't get another 3000 out of it.

Given that my bike out weighs yours by 200 pounds... Unless you are a great bloated sow you should do even better.
911 is for Pussies.
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Default Re: MOron Sport Tire opinions wanted

Definitely check out Continental. Not the trendiest of tires, but they seem to perform extremely well for considerably less money. I've got a set of standard ContiForce on my ZRX and they have been fabulous. Granted, the bike never sees any track days, but for communting and spirited weekend riding they have been more than I hoped for. Very stable at highway commuting speeds (70-90 mph), excellent feedback and grip on back roads and in the wet. I've only got about 1000 miles on them, so I can't speak for wear characteristics, but from what I've read, they wear very well.

For your CBR you might want to check out the ContiForce Max version (softer compound for track/road use) or the above mentioned Road Attack--a newer, long life sport/sport tourer model that has been turning some heads. Soft, grippy compound suitable for track use, but the wear characteristics of a good sport touring tire, at least that's what I've heard. Neat.
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