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Default Re: MOron Sport Tire opinions wanted

Just wanted to thank all you MOFO's for your input on tires and such. While I like the 2 bike answer the best, I think the wife might squawk a bit at the site of one more bike in the garage with the mostly dirt and 1 street collection already making her Toyota sleep on the driveway... I actually found a killer deal, at a normally price gouging local shop here, on some H2's ($210 a set) and opted to go with them one more time. Pirelli Diablo's were on clearance as well and I may go grab a set of them as well ($189 a set). Thanks again for all the input and I'll be sure to put some suggestions to good use, especially the dual bike suggestion in the not so near future...
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Default Re: MOron Sport Tire opinions wanted

I am having trouble figuring out how to start a new forum subject, so I saw this one and figured my question is close so here goes...

I own a 2002 Ducati 998. I took it in to the dealer for a service last week. Along with the service I asked them to put on two new tires. When I picked the bike up they had installed Michelin Pilot road tires. I didnt think much of it and I have since ridden the bike, broke the tires in and gotten them over to the edge with no slipping or problems of any kind. However I was looking through a bike mag today and saw an add for Michelin pilots. It said the Pilot road tires are Sport touring tires. It doesnt make sense to me that my dealer would put sport touring tires on this bike. Does anyone in here know anything about these tires? Are they good tires for my bike?

Charles Armstrong, aka.... the KID


PS. on almost every ride I go on I am pushing my bike over as far as I can. ( which may be far by some standards and not by others, lol) But I am getting it over to the very edge, far enough to drag pucks. I dont want this tire giving out on me. If it wont hold up to this kind of abuse I want to change them. I had Perelli Diablo's on it before and I was extremely happy with them. Are the Pilot road's comperable to Diablo's?

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