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bikervince 05-13-2004 09:27 AM

Re: New Rider
The problem with most dual-sport bikes (even ones like the KLR250) is the tall seat height. I'm 5'8" and they're awfully tall even for me. For a 5'2" beginner it would be pretty intimidating to ride one. Not very confidence inspiring. For the record, I learned on a 450 Nighthawk and really loved that bike.


zootsuit 05-13-2004 09:39 AM

Re: New Rider
In the cruiser class, the Suzuki Savage makes a great first bike, too. With Metzler tires, it really handles.

Steve781 05-13-2004 09:43 AM

Give Jason's School a Try
Jason's school was very good, and a great bargain compared to some of the others. I did the two day school a couple of years ago and am happy I did. Unfortunately I waited until after I had broken my arm in an accident before I went in for a track school. Jason and co. no longer come to Texas due to lack of interest, otherwise I would happily do it again.

Neal 05-13-2004 09:50 AM

Re: New Rider
Lot of good advice so far.The Ninja 250 or a small 250cc dual purpose bike(KLR250) are great ideas(we've got to keepyour height in mind).Also,the idea of buying a small 100-250cc four stroke play bike and learning in the dirt is the best idea if you can stand not being on the street foe awhile. ABSOLUTELY follow the advice of attending the MSF beginner course(in many states they supply the bikes---in Md. they use 250cc Honda Rebels and Nighthawks.) and buy good gear(full face helmet,boots,armored jacket,gloves,etc.)

If you want a street bike to start,Im gonna give you an option that many on this site will disagree with--------a Buell Blast.My wife(5'4'' 115 lbs) and my sister in law(5'5'' 130 lbs) bought them for starter bikes and love them.The low seat height(2 options,),low weight

and low power through a wide band made them very forgiving and very easy to learn on,instilling confidence. They both took the MSF course and now after about 1000miles of riding they are doing well(my sister in law had an accident but bounced right back---wasnt bikes fault.). My wife bought her's used with 300 miles on it for 3000 bucks.I figure if she puts another 4-5 thousand miles on it and sells it for 2000,its the best 1000 bucks I ever spent.I expect responses to this email bemoaning the low power and other deficiencies but as a 17 year old ,5'2'' beginner you dont need big power.Your father would probably condone this choice also .Take your time and learn correctly----you have picked the best pasttime of all to learn. HAVE FUN!!!!

jibosch 05-13-2004 10:06 AM

Re: New Rider
I bought a Buell Blast for My Girlfriend, and it is indeed a Very Fun Bike, with Great handling in the 5-45mph range [it gets a little Light after that]. I had Reliability issues with it, but I believe that they have gotten better in this regard. Make sure that You purchase the Extended Warranty and that You have a Buell dealer nearby... I previosuly suggested the Yamaha Virago 250, Honda Rebel 250 or Kawasaki 500 LTD, as I believe that they offer better Value and Reliability. But if You like H-D, and like to be different, and like a bike that makes 5-45 Really Fun, check-out The Blast!

Buzglyd 05-13-2004 10:19 AM

Re: New Rider
Smarty Jones might be a good mount for you and think about all the extra dough you'd have if you come in first in the Preakness!

jtyyy 05-13-2004 10:30 AM

Re: New Rider
I have to agree completely. I am a new rider (actually I rode dirt bikes, oh 20 years ago) and I passed on the 250 and I got an old GS450 for $800. It is old (did I mention that?) but it has new cables, new chain, newer tires and new brakes. I have a large lot where I live so I could ride on the grass and on driveway while I learned to take off and shift properly without scraping asphalt.

I did drop the bike twice in the grass and all that happend was that the bike got dirty. I'm cruising the neighboorhood and having fun. My MSF class is next weekend and I'm sure I'll notice the difference between my bike and theirs.

I did see some one riding a Rebel on the highway the otherday, and they were struggling to keep up a safe speed. I drove on by with no worries at proper speed (I haven't learned to speed yet).

Happy Trails.

nokneedragin 05-13-2004 10:42 AM

Re: Waiting for Freddie Spencer
Take the Code school. It's very informative, and puts you on the track 4 or 5 sessions and classes. The on track instructors were very helpfull. Well spent money. Not to mention they will provide the bike, and gear.

The class I was in, a guy rode up in his new leathers, on a nice shiney Bimota, he low sided it. Felt sorry for his repair bill.

Neal 05-13-2004 10:54 AM

Re: New Rider
I find my wife's fine up to about 65 where it starts to get a little light---but then i weigh 214.My wife 's cruising speed is 45-55---she hasnt noticed any handling problems. What reliability problems have you experienced.?...we're only at about 1000miles but no problems yet.

kdurrell 05-13-2004 12:15 PM

Re: New Rider
The Yamaha XT225 is a 223cc dual sport with a 31.9" seat height and a dry weight of 238 lbs. I think I took my MSF intro course on one, it will wheelie if provoked!

I started on a Daytona 955i that I acquired via ebay for $3600. It wasn't exactly plan "A" and I'm still scared sh*tless of the bike, but hey it was darned cheap.

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