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Default Re: Kimpex

The Harley heated grips work GREAT e'glider.

I rode a BMW a couple years ago and knew I had to get the new heated grips for my Road King. I have this pain in my hands that my doctor diagnosed as, "too much time working on a keyboard and aging joints."

These grips radiate heat through my hands and eliminate any joint pain. It beats the hell out of having to take Aleve every day. IÂ’ve turned them on in the summer just to get that instant relief. They have six heat settings from light to inferno. The highest level is to hot for my bare hands. I get by with lighter gloves during the coldest temps.

Every bike should come standard with heated grips. If every bike had them the additional cost would be nothing.

What do they sell for now? $250 plus $100 to have someone install them if you don't want to do it yourself? If you ride all the time it is well worth it, EG.
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Default Re: How to install heated hand grips for $27

I recently installed a set of dual-star heating elements (very similar to the above set-up) and I used a heat-troller variable potentiometer so I could have full control of heating. My last bike had a off-low-high switch and I too found it was never 'just right'.

It's not cheep, but you can take a look at the heat troller on their website:


If you want to take a look at a very well photo documented heated grip installation, check out this FJR1300 page. Excellent article even if you don't ride the big Yammie (heck, I followed their info for my Triumph installation)


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Default Re: How to install heated hand grips for $27

I have tried both items over the past few years. I found that the cheap kit heat the bars pretty well but has serious issues with durability. I broke the wire connection to the thin plastic heating element on the throttle side twice, so if you go this route do everything you can to relieve stress on the wire and reinforce the connection point so the wire isnt flexing at the connection.

I gave up and went to Hot Grips on my GPZ and FJR. Besides having a much more robust wire attachment point, the Hot Grips have different insulating ribs between the left and right grips that keep the heat even between the two sides (see above thread). The grips are all little thicker than regular grips (I like that) and are holding up well after three seasons.

Incidentally, Hot Grips sells a digital heat controller that is the bees knees for dialing in just the right temperatire setting. It is available separately and will work with the cheap kit too.

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Default Re: How to instal heated hand grips for $27

I may look to them for future installs. My guess without knowing the product is they are most likely installed in about the same fassion. I am in no way associated with Aerostich. I just thought I would try and share a how to. More riders with warm hands means more riders on the road in the cold months. Winter riding can be great. A heated jacket and grips and off you go.
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Default Re: How to install heated hand grips for $27

I've used the Kimpex heaters on a couple of bikes now. My latest, a Triumph Sprint RS, has connections for a relay. That way, the heater power doesn't go through the ignition switch.
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Default TatdNPrcd

Thanks for the information. It's always good to hear from someone that actually has hands on experience with a product that you're drooling over. In this case you literally have hands on experience. I'll soon have 100 dollars worth of Harley Chrome card dollars to spend and this may well be my choice and with my 10% discount the price gets very reasonable. I certainly don't need anymore t-shirts.
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Default Re: How to install heated hand grips for $27

Good evening, sports fans! Good article on installation. I've done several of the Aerostich kits on various bikes and they work great! A couple of additional tips: Use a syringe with rubbing alcohol and inject it thru (under) the grip. It will loosen and lubricate the grip for removal so that you won't tear it during the process. After sticking the heating element onto the handlebar, wrap it with a single layer of electrical tape so that the grip (when reinstalled) doesn't catch the edge of the element and "peel" it back. Secondly, Radio Shack (among other places) has a 30 amp relay that costs about $6. If you use it to power the grips (direct wire to your battery), you bypass the (potentially too-light-duty) factory wiring on your bike altogether. The switch to the relay can be wired with lighter wire than the relay (power source for the grips). This project is a whole lot cheaper than buying Hot Grips or factory grips; they're also warmer than most factory grips -- I've had 'em both! Warm riding, everyone!
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