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SRMark 10-15-2003 03:00 AM

Re: After a Crash
I'd generally suggest that you take a few easy trail rides to get your confidence back. But, even though you say that you are physically unscathed, a dislocated shoulder will rule that out. Get some good physical therapy, regain complete strength and try again in the spring. Start in the dirt with a light bike. An XR100 would be perfect. Slide it in turns, practice hard braking, get used to losing and regaining control. Then move on to a MSF course with a heavier bike. But move at your own pace. Tension will ruin your control and that is essential to safe street riding. Good luck.

LIMEDUST 10-15-2003 03:00 AM

Re: After a Crash
You're probably right! Ask those who will give you the answer you want, right? I've heard alot of people recommend a track day, maybe I should listen more! Can you still go to these type of things with a touring bike? How do they help? I'm curious.

LIMEDUST 10-15-2003 03:10 AM

Re: change of pace
I wasn't expecting this many replies! I guess alot people crash, huh! Thanks again for replying, this is helpful.

I think you're right about the type of bike. I was thinking about a another sport touring bike, like a BMW RT or a Councours, but I wasn't ignoring cruisers or full touring bikes for just that reason. I used to drive a sporty car, pretty quick, stick shift, alot of fun, but I did notice I was driving quicker and more aggressively. My wife and I recently had out first child, so after a few months, I decided to sell the 2 door and buy a 4 door for practacality. I still had the bike for fun, right? I noticed a big change in driving habits, its a pretty slow car, pretty boring, doesn't exactly reward you with sharp handling and quick acceleration, so I tend to relax a bit and just chug around. So the thought of buying a big tourer or cruiser did occur to me, maybe it would have the same effect on my riding. I was always more careful on the bike anyway, but obvioulsy not careful enough. I'm just not sure I'm ready for an 7-800lb bike! Thanks though. I was always a Ultra Classic but until they're about $8000, I'll just have to admire them from a distance!

seruzawa 10-15-2003 03:13 AM

Re: After a Crash
I've dumped seriously a couple of times too. I still have a steel pin in my right ankle from one of them. Each time I said I was gonna quit riding, but the bug is too strong and I've decided that if I can't do the things I like to do then what's the point?

You could decide to take up boating instead of biking and then drown after getting hit by some pothead on a jetski. Or you could decide to take up knitting and some junkie could break in your house and shoot you. It is impossible to live without some risk. And if one tries to live without risk then one ends up just sitting at home worrying all the time and writing one's legislature frequently demanding that the govt "do something". That's no way to live. One could even *gasp* become a cager.

Take time to take a quiet walk every day and look at the environment around you. You'll come to see that the world is actually not that dangerous of a place. Avoid watching the news. It's mostly BS and it's main is effect to make you feel afraid and helpless. You'll feel much better pretty soon.

Try getting ABS on your next bike. Avoid idiots pulling trailers.

Live to ride. Ride to live.

LIMEDUST 10-15-2003 03:42 AM

Re: After a Crash
Boating and knitting? Nah. I don't think so! The thought of putzing around the same piece of lake everytime I go out would bore me to tears. And knitting, well, I'm not very creative, what can I say.

I've only been riding a couple of years and I thoroughly enjoy it, so in short, I'll probably get back on and buy another bike. Hopefully any panic and flashbacks will be minimal and after awhile I'll be able to enjoy as much as I used to. I'll take it easy and enjoy the view more instead. Its the best way to travel, definately the most fun, and obviously the most painful if you make a mistake! Still, I live in surburbia, work in a office, drive a 4 door sedan......I think I need a little something to stir things up. My wife has been very supportive as well, although I'm not sure she'll jumping on the back anytime soon.

Thanks for the advice. ABS, no idiots. Got it.

clively 10-15-2003 04:27 AM

Re: After a Crash
I too have had a similar crash. Being a m/c officer I have had great training but stilled locked up the front brake when the big moment hit. I had on my helmet & jacket , both of which were damaged, but I also cracked a rib that continuously bothers me. I couldnt hide this from my wife and she was bothered by this incident. However, she knows what I like to do and I enjoy the heck out of being paid to ride a m/c all day. It is hard to change your personality and if you do, you might end up a bitter old man. That scene replaying in your mind and all the "what if's" are your subconscious saying your insecure (like a cop dreaming about his gun failing is a sign he is insecure). You fix that by telling yourself that you are safe, take a msf class to increase your confidence, and get a new m/c to ride like the wind.

Your wife will appreciate how much better you feel after a ride and can take the little one off her hands a while. You know you will feel better so get back on the pony & ride.

*Be careful of riding to easy though as some may suggest. You will never feel confident again and you'll end up caged. I've seen this happen several times, like a boxer acting timid after he gets clocked good the first time.

Good luck

ddociu 10-15-2003 04:28 AM

Re: After a Crash
The best way to get over it, in my opinion, is getting back on a bike as soon as possible. When I got rear-ended and broke an arm and a couple of ribs I was back on a new bike one month after the crash, as soon as the insurance claim went thru and I got the money to replace the totaled, brand new Bmw R1150 GS. For the first couple of weeks I rode with the cast still on my left arm. the elastic wrap for the ribs came off much later. I wish you a speedy recovery, both physically and emotionally. riding is to much fun to give up on it. good luck

mscuddy 10-15-2003 05:33 AM

Re: After a Crash
Or a bitter little man, like erstwhile MO editor, JPB.

nweaver 10-15-2003 05:46 AM

And get a bike with ABS...
I've watched the BMW demo (a common feature on the demo rides), where on a country road with a fair bit of gravel on it, they take the K-LT up to >60 and then brake hard.

Chirp chirp chirp stop.

Locking the front is one of the spookiest things imaginable when you DON'T crash.

nweaver 10-15-2003 05:49 AM

SemiSportbikes with ABS...
There are two, "Semi" sportbikes (that is, ~10 years ago would have 100% ruled the street, but now are called comfy sport-tourers) which are available in the US with ABS.

The Ducati ST4 and the VFR. In both cases, its about a ~$1k option.

Also, the FJR1300, a bit heavy, a bit slower steering, but an engine that wouldn't be out of place on a steamship, and again, a $1k option.

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