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Default Re: Radar detectors

Good to know... j/k

Pressure cookers have a relief valve for a reason!
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Default Nabbed!!!

Not totally related with the radar detector conversation, but...

Last month I was driving through Dallas, TX and was happily doing a little over 80 mph (the posted speed limit was 70 mph) on a divided freeway. On the other side of the freeway a cop saw me, went across the divider and pulled me over. He gave a ticket and told me he had me clocked on his radar.

Now, remember that he was MOVING in the opposite direction of the freeway, so I'm not sure if it was possible for him to get a reading or if he just estimated that I was going fast and decided to give me a ticket.

What do you guys think?

By the way, I just took the ticket and paid for it. No arguments and no need for me to go back to Texas to contest the ticket (besides, I WAS speeding).
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Default Re: Nabbed!!!

Entirely possible he radar'd you. In fact, most bands (or guns) can get a reading while moving in the same direction, too. Not sure of the technology, but I'm sure someone here is.

By the way, where I come from, tickets mean points, and points mean higher insurance. It's almost always cheaper in the long run to get your ticket fixed (the charge reduced to something non-points-related like "excessive noise,' which your insurance company will never hear about) by some high-volume traffic law center (you don't have to go to court, they go for you) than to pay the ticket and the resultant insurance hike. Not only that, but if everybody pleads guilty, insurance companies will see an upward trend in speeding among cyclists and raise premiums across the board.

Therefore, you owe it to the community of motorcyclists to get your tickets fixed.

Or something.
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Default Radar detectors

Been reading all the posts on radar detectors, now it is my turn to reply...

First off I am "Radar Roy" the owner of Radarbuster.com and Radar-Detectors.com, the website that many of you guys commented about, and I thank you for many of your warm comments...

One other of our sites that I would recommend that you take a look at is www.stealthhog.com, a site about my Harley Davidson motorcycle that has all the latest gadgets on it. It is also going to be featured in the February issue of American Iron.

Now to answer many of your comments and concerns:

1: The HARD System eating batteries. That is true for some of the earlier versions of the HARD System. There was a problem with a some of the earlier boards where the battery connected, causing a slight short. This problem has been resolved in the current versions. If you have an version that you purchased earlier this year, you can go to this page "HARD TROUBLE SHOOTING GUDIE", fill it out and if you still have the problem, return it for replacement: http://www.radarbusters.com/support/manuals/default.asp

2: The Valentine being a better detector then the Escort. This is not the case with our reviews and testing and also the reviews of Carl Fores at Speedlabs. First, the V1 will not detect the newer POP radar at all. POP, manufactured by MPH Industries is now gaining in popularity and is now used by the Nevada Highway Patrol and the New York State Police. The earlier versions of the Escort 8500 would alert 50% of the time, but they have made improvements in their 8500 now that increase the sensitivity for this band.

3: The V1 directional arrows. Nice feature, but not always accurate in city driving. Radar is a radio wave that bounces off of other objects. With this bounce the arrows are not always accurate.

4: The V1 being able to identify multiple targets. The Escort 8500 can identify up to 5 multiple targets as well.

5: The Solo 2 being a good choice for motorcycles. NO THE SOLO 2 SUCKS for motorcycle use and we do not list them on our motorcycle page. First off battery operated detectors will not ever perform as well as a detector that you plug in for power. Battery operated detectors go into a cycling mode to conserve power. Also you cannot read the display on a Solo 2 on a motorcycle.

6: DO NOT use the mounts that come with a radar detector for use on a motorcycle. I receive countless calls each week from people who did, and end up losing their detector when it falls off. Get a mount for your bike, here are several: http://www.radarbusters.com/products...ts/default.asp

7: Laser detectors are worthless, I agree. That is why I have a laser jammer on our "Stealthhog". This jammer has saved my butt several times, the latest coming down the hill into Colorado Springs last month into an army of Colorado State Police officers running laser. The Blinder laser jammer alerted and went into jamming mode as I was at 85 mph plus. You should had seen their faces when they couldnÂ’t get a bead on my bike!

8: If any of you guys are interested in our products and would like a discount call me at 888-227-8927. We can give you a 10% discount on the Escort 8500, the Blinder, or the HARD system. Just mention this posting when you call.

If you guys have anymore questions, comments and/or suggestions you can contact me at sales@radarbusters.com

Ride Safe

Radar Roy
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