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Default Re: Well....

Yup, .6%, that seems awfully high to me too.
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Default Re: Another ''What to buy'' question!

OK, looks like I have to get into this fray. If I had the money I would buy the buell.

I ride a 750 Monster everyother day, switching off with my superhawk. The little monster is an absolute blast around town and in the twisties. The small size, light weight, and low power/ flat torque engine let you goof off and beat the living sh*t out of the bike without much fear of killing yourself or loosing your licence. Downsides: it makes 63 hp (62.9 according to my dyno chart), it only has a five speed so in order to keep up with friends on liter bikes I spend a lot of time banging off the rev limiter in 5th( ~120 mph). Not that the bike has the power to go much faster, but it would be nice to stay off the limiter. Cornering clearance is limited. Even with the preload maxed out, hardparts start to drag with about an 1/8th inch of chicken strip left on both sides. Also there are no hero tabs on the pegs so you have to stick you toes out a little to warn you before the exhaust smacks the ground. However it turns well enough that you can lean it all the way over on any corner on the way to work.

I have taken a few rides on the Buell and really like the bike. No, it doesn't make huge hp numbers, but the moter is a lot of fun. It does shake a lot at idle though. Handling is solid but a little slow, it is nice a stable and it takes a lot the drag the pegs. Its tall and stubby so it wheelies easily with any throttle application. I assume it stoppies well also, but didn't try, the brakes are hella strong but it felt to me that something was loose between the clalipers and handle bars(given the shop I demoed bike at this could be the case). If I could find a used one cheap I would buy it. It is an all around fun bike and faster than the monster.

I have never riden the Speed 4, but many of my friends have. Same opinion ever time, its a nice bike, but it just doesn't do it for me.

As for Ducati maintenance: New monsters aren't bad. $300 every 6000 miles for valves if a dealer does them and $50 for cambelts every 12,000.
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Default Re: Another ''What to buy'' question!

Sorry about your Triumph problems.

As for Ducati, my experience with my '95 900SS has been very good, as has been that of all my acquaintances with the 2-valve Ducs. Only problem I had was the headlight socket which seems to overheat and melt itself -- fixed twice under warrantee (even though way past warrantee period).

Valve adjustments are a bit expensive, but not really needed very often once past break-in. I check it myself and it rarely needs adjustment.

I am 53 years old, 6" and 200 lbs and it fits me fine -- with higher than stock rearset footpegs and lower clip-on bars, but you need to try it on yourself for fit.

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Default Re: Reviews from Actual owners

If sift out the whinners from the people with real problems you can get a pretty good feel for how a bike is going to behave.
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Default Re: Another ''What to buy'' question!

Also, the trick front brake apparently doesn't work very well.

International stunt star, European Stunt Champion and professional Buelligan Craig Jones has shattered the world stoppie record by a full 62 metres when he pulled a 225 metre long stoppie on his new Buell XB9S. Works for me. .!..
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Default Re: Another ''What to buy'' question!

So I take it this bike wasn't for you? But that's okay, i still like it,a nd think it's very cool, for what it is. That meaning you're not going on any trips with this type of bike. It's an around town hauler, that naturally kicks ass!
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